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JoTForm – Online WYSIWYG Form Builder

JotForm Logo Today we had an interesting submission which can make life easier for a lot of people from novices to professionals. We all use forms on our websites to collect information about things like feedback, contact, polls etc. Creating forms is a hassle and sometimes the submission process can be a pain. JotForm is a solution for embedding a professionally designed form quickly and easily into your web pages.

The application is very user-friendly. A WYSIWYG interface is provided and creation of the form is as simple as dragging and dropping your required elements on the canvas. A little tweaking is all it takes to make the form look exactly the way you want and then you can give an email address where all the responses will be emailed. The generated code can then be used on your web page and bingo! you are good to go.

The service is free if your submissions are up to 100 per month. There are subscription plans available for the heavy traffic users.

What they say about themselves

JotForm is a web based WYSIWYG web form builder. You can drag and drop fields into your form visually. Create your form, and use the widget code provided to post it in your web site. Create contact forms, feedback forms, surveys, event registration forms, jot application forms, facebook forms and file upload forms. JotForm is free upto 100 submissions per month. If you will receive a lot of submissions, a Premium version is available at an affordable price.

Why it could be a success

A great resource especially for beginner web masters giving them the opportunity to create forms on-the-fly. They already have some pretty big shot clients which show you the potential and power of such a service.


Moogo – Websites made easy


Here is another resource on the website development market. Moogo is a site which allows users to quickly make their presence on the Internet and that too in a forceful way. This site offers 7 days of free hosting of websites which can be created using the tools provided by Magoo and then the period can be extended by subscribing to the service.

Several features attracted me to the site. First is the interactive way in which a user is guided through the whole site creation process. Second is the huge database of templates from which one can choose the design of the site. Third is the plethora of tools which are at the user’s disposal for the maintenance of the site. The widgets employed were really easy to control and edit. The finished product was far more polished than I thought it would be. I wish they extend the testing period a little.

I may not do justice to the experience which I had when I was using this website. Head out there and see for yourself.


Zajet – What are you sharing today?

Logo I recently had to share some documents with friends. The problem was that the online sharing websites had little to offer with what we had to do and that was sharing/blogging/editing/versioning at the same time.  And then I found zajet.com, which made the whole thing simple and fun.

This website allows you to share almost anything you want (the file size is limited though, only 2 MB per file which is really a shame; make it at least 5 guys!). You are given your own page when you sign up and then in that page you can blog/post articles/share files etc. A nifty little feature is that your own widgets can be added to your page.


Zoom to closer.it

LogoNow here’s an interesting concept. You will find numerous places around the Internet which allow you to upload your pictures and share them with the world. closr.it takes the concept a little further with a great idea.

The site allows you to upload your photos and then display these through flash widgets which allow people to zoom in and out of the uploaded photos to get all those details which other sites miss. So if you always wanted to show your creations in all the details to other people you don’t have to resize your images. Just upload and let others zoom and enjoy.


Scrim Beat the spambots with a simple captcha

scrim A lot of spam email lists are created by bots scraping the web picking up every email they can get their dirty mitts on. Scr.im is a lightweight app that allows you to encrypt your email address as a url, if someone wants to get your email address they just have to click the link and enter a captcha to prove they are human. A very simple solution, to a pervasive problem. The only problem is that most people don’t  realise that this is how spam email lists are often created, so its a problem they aren’t aware of.


Twippr mashes Twitter and Paypal

TwipprIt was only a matter of time before someone mashed Twitter and Paypal together. Twippr allows Twitter users to tweet paypal funds to anyone.

Although Twitter doesn’t seem like the ideal interface for micro-transactions, Twippr could be really useful for organisations, charities or even politicians to raise money. It seems like the people at Twippr are thinking the same thing, based on their tagline “pledgecash by tweet” (emphasis ours).

The Twippr widget allows users to solicit donations from blogs, videos or any website.


Hab.La Free Onsite Chat

hablalogo1Hab.la allows site owners to chat with their visitors using the Jabber IM client or GTalk. It’s free, which is always attractive for startups. The tool allows continuous chat even when the user leaves the site and moves on somewhere else.

A handy little tool that might be disruptive in the current marketplace if they can beef up the functionality to support features like multiple chat operators, to appeal to larger e-commerce stores and the like who often have teams of chat operators. They might even consider allowing users to chat to other users browsing the same page and develop some powerful social bookmarking tools to create a kind of real time chat version of stumbleupon.


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