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Resort Business Opportunities

Resort Business Opportunities (or RBO) is a website that is devoted to listing businesses at resort locations throughout the U.S. It’s the mission of the service to match buyers and opportunities. Therefore, users can either sell their business or buy one using this convenient vehicle for procuring and selling business properties.

Using their extensive experience, the founders of RBO have the expertise to understand the individual challenges that are involved in owing businesses in resort locations. Therefore, they can sort out the details in order to find the right business for an individual interested in acquiring this type of business opportunity. If it is your dream then to own this kind of business, you can search through RBO listings by specific business type and review the data about demographics, weather, etc. Every aspect is detailed so potential buyers save valuable time and sellers obtain viable, applicable leads.

This niche market offers buyers who are new to the resort business as well as veterans alike a tailor-made and streamlined approach to finding the ideal business opportunity. Plus, if you are interested in buying a business opportunity of this type, you can do so easily as you don’t have to create a personal profile or waste precious time by filling out any type of questionnaire. You won’t be flooded with advertising in your email either. The website is designed specifically for buyers to sift through the data so they can make a purchase decision that is right for them. Therefore RBO does the preliminary work for you so you can make a business decision that will be to your ultimate liking. For many entrepreneurs, working with RBO can indeed be a positive, life-changing experience!

If you are a seller, you can easily reach your target demographic using the RBO listing site. Because it is a niche market, you need to use a service that can key in on those people who are specifically interested in buying a resort-type of business. By using a service designed primarily for the purpose of selling businesses in resort locations, you can be assured that you will definitely find a buyer who is interested in purchasing your business opportunity.

If you are buying, simply access the site at  and enter your search criteria. Once you input the data, you will receive a list of the businesses that are currently being offered. Follow up by including your favorite choices on your own “My RBO” page. That’s all there is to it! Or, if you are a listing agent, you can access the “Brokers” tab and sign up to take part in the RBO’s broker program. For one minimum monthly fee, you can post an unlimited listing of the properties that you presently represent.

What Does RBO Say?

Our website is the only online listing venue of businesses for sale in resort, vacation, and outdoor recreation areas around the country. We also offer helpful advice regarding the hurdles and nuances of relocating to, living in, and operating a small business in a resort community.

What’s So Special About It?

In terms of businesses listings and content we are the only site servicing this niche market. Demand for lifestyle business opportunities is very strong right now, despite the economy. With tens of thousands of resort-type businesses for sale around the US, and the leading edge of baby boomers approaching retirement age, we are well-positioned to be the leader in this market segment.



Resort Business Opportunities
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