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Funding4Learning – A Crowdfunding Platform

Funding4Learning Logo Technology is helping millions around the world. The latest trend is crowdsourcing, where a lot of people around the world pool their resources together to complete a task. Funding4Learning takes the immense potential crowdsourcing has to offer and makes it possible for people to contribute towards the education of students who are unable to meet their expenses.

Working as a coordinator, Funding4Learning allows anyone to start a fund raising campaign. The persons starting the campaign are required to state in clear terms the goals of the campaign and the funds which are necessary for their needs plus any information they wish to let others know to make them understand the need of contributing. A reward system must be offered to the contributors although Funding4Learning does not ensure that it is actually realized.

The website uses Paypal for payment processing and takes a 5% commission on every successful campaign.

What they say about themselves

Funding4Learning is the first worldwide crowdfunding platform dedicated entirely to facilitate the financing of studies and educational projects around the world. The numerous financial restrictions and lack of funding for education, specially in emerging countries, is a major problem that hasn’t been addressed by both institutions and the media. Anyone can create a campaign where they tell their story, set a funding goal in accordance with the tuition fee, and offer interesting rewards to contributors. Funding4Learning allows users to create campaigns, share it with the online community through social networks, engage fans, track information about contributors, and collect money.

Why it could be a success

We can think of several reasons why this could be a success but the first thing which comes to mind is the noble idea. Helping students with their finances can make a difference in their lives by allowing them to concentrate on their studies rather than trying to make ends meet.


Sitepie – Helping virtual companies

Sitepie Sitepie is a recently launched website targeting potential businessmen and entrepreneurs who are planning to have their presence on the Internet but don’t want to be bogged down with legal or administrative tasks. This will lead them to focus on their ideas and monetize them to the maximum.

The entire process is user-friendly and allows anyone to quickly launch the idea using the expertise and tools provided by the site. The site holds templates to quickly build social network sites, blogs or video channels.

The pricing is affordable although the site is in beta and doesn’t allow direct signups yet. You can contact the administrators via signup link and they will review and invite you on board. There is not much activity and no demos to look at the moment but the idea looks promising. We will have to see how they fare in the crowd sourcing niche.


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