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Charity – Non Profit – Saving Lives LOGO is a stratup with and idea to establish a crowd-funding platform for patients who can’t afford medical treatment. is a nonprofit organization based in Silicon Valley, California, it’s aim is to improve the lives of the needy around the globe by helping people find funds to get medical treatment, feel better and live longer. MaishaCare also works to support other fundamental challenges that faces people around the world such as education and homelessness, to name a few.

Human suffering from diseases and sickness is universal, when diseases struck they don’t discriminate between people on the basis of their color, wealth or national origin. Unfortunately, every day a lot of people face the daunting task of fighting their illnesses and trying to match the cure they need with their financial capacities, in an effort to live better and live longer. Currently there is no method that gives every single patient away to have his/her voice heard, every single illness can find a fund. Charity organizations have been providing great support and help for the sick, but their work often limited by their geographical reach, moreover their process is time-consuming and very cumbersome for some patients. is founded by a group of like-minded individuals with the passion to help improve the lives of individuals and their communities. MaishaCare is a a novel service, which is an initiative to provide a platform for the donors who care! Caregivers can now contribute for a cause, to people who are in serious need of funds for medical treatment. By touching the hearts of people around the world, the team behind MaishaCare believes that lives can be saved and communities can be impacted towards a healthier living, through a simple and inexpensive PayPal contribution towards medical treatments.The medical and philanthropic partners are licensed and registered to practice in their respective countries and have outstanding reputation within their communities.


Funding4Learning – A Crowdfunding Platform

Funding4Learning Logo Technology is helping millions around the world. The latest trend is crowdsourcing, where a lot of people around the world pool their resources together to complete a task. Funding4Learning takes the immense potential crowdsourcing has to offer and makes it possible for people to contribute towards the education of students who are unable to meet their expenses.

Working as a coordinator, Funding4Learning allows anyone to start a fund raising campaign. The persons starting the campaign are required to state in clear terms the goals of the campaign and the funds which are necessary for their needs plus any information they wish to let others know to make them understand the need of contributing. A reward system must be offered to the contributors although Funding4Learning does not ensure that it is actually realized.

The website uses Paypal for payment processing and takes a 5% commission on every successful campaign.

What they say about themselves

Funding4Learning is the first worldwide crowdfunding platform dedicated entirely to facilitate the financing of studies and educational projects around the world. The numerous financial restrictions and lack of funding for education, specially in emerging countries, is a major problem that hasn’t been addressed by both institutions and the media. Anyone can create a campaign where they tell their story, set a funding goal in accordance with the tuition fee, and offer interesting rewards to contributors. Funding4Learning allows users to create campaigns, share it with the online community through social networks, engage fans, track information about contributors, and collect money.

Why it could be a success

We can think of several reasons why this could be a success but the first thing which comes to mind is the noble idea. Helping students with their finances can make a difference in their lives by allowing them to concentrate on their studies rather than trying to make ends meet.


Ecycler – Turning trash to Gold is a great option for people in the United States where curbside recycling is not available in their neighborhood. The site is also a better alternative for communities who don’t want to pay for curbside recycling. One of the major features of Ecycler is that it allows the discarder to control the date, time, and place where the recyclables can be collected.

It provides a tracking system for carbon credits and precise calculation of materials recycled in the website. Another positive element in is it allows the person the option to list how many recyclables has he given away on his own which can be included in the total.

It’s a good avenue for U.S. households getting rid of their trash, and build relationships with collectors  who are interested in cans, bottles, and newspapers. The heart of Ecycler comes from these people, who build Ecycler recycling programs in their respective communities as an opportunity to build additional income for the collectors.  Cash can be redeemed from the collected recyclables at a local recyling center, and the same time help build zero waste.

Ecycler encourages people to give away their recyclables for free, however the option of requesting a portion of the proceeds from the collector is also available. An accountability tool is available in which allows the giver and the collector to provide feedback from their experiences with each other.

Anyone who has access to the Internet can become an Ecycler collector. Once an account is created in, a profile page with a customizable Ecycler link is available to the collector.  There are also  downloadable personalized business cards and posters which are available in that can be use to spread the message of recycling.

The income generated by the recyclables collected in is also use to support groups like Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church groups, social groups etc.

What do Ecycler say?

Connecting people in a new way to build zero waste

What’s so special about it?

It provides additional income both for the collector and the household getting rid of their trash


Share – Fundraising Made Easy

Sponzu is an innovative website aimed to function like a traditional fund-raising platform with a twist. With the help of Sponzu, various individuals, communities, and organizations now have the means to bring their ideas to life. The intuitive approach to fundraising is what makes Sponzu special.

Unlike the traditional crowd-funding platforms, Sponzu does not ask for donations in shape of cash payments. The functioning of Sponzu is weaved around something people love to do. It works by asking people to spend time on the website watching video ads, rather than spending money.

Once an idea is submitted and approved, the supporters of the idea are required to watch a short video ad that has been provided by one of the sponsors. In return, sponsors donate funds towards the idea. Furthermore, supporters can also rate the video, provide feedback, complete marketing surveys, and share the idea, as well as the sponsor’s materials within a social network, to further contribute in the funding.

The more views these short ad videos get, more funds are raised for the specific ideas from the sponsors. The sponsors are interested in getting the brand exposure, product awareness, brand association, and a positive PR and this process does just that. It is also a very useful platform for the businesses to get the exposure and goodwill they always seek.

Sponzu is based on self-promoting your ideas towards friends and across social networks in order to attract supporters; hence, raise funds.

What Do They Say About Themselves?

The mission of Sponzu is to encourage every idea towards improvement, without taking in consideration its size or sensibility. Sponzu highlights the fact that to make a difference one does not need to spend a fortune.

Why This Could Be a Success:

Sponzu can be a success owing to its innovative way of supporting an idea. The major failure of a crowd-funding platform occurs when visitors are unwilling to donate cash. The ease to support a cause, without spending any money is the major plus for Sponzu.

Besides the ease of fund-raising, the integration with social media is another positive step. This integration makes it much easier to spread the word among social networks and in turn attract more supporters and sponsors for ideas.

Share – Multiple Charity Support by Single Donation

The creator of was motivated by his own need to manage his contributions to a number of charities and non-profit organisations. The result is a website that lets you decide how much you want to donate each month to have it automatically divided between a number of causes you choose to support. There are many benefits to this. First of all it makes donations easy as they can all be arranged on the same website, and also there’s no risk of exceeding the budget you can allocate to charitable giving. Payments are made via Paypal, which also keeps it simple. Managing charitable donations in this way also makes it possible to keep accounts for tax purposes.

To get started users need to register and then choose the charities they want to support by searching for them and clicking a red button. If charities aren’t there they can be added so long as they are registered as charities or non-profits. Even small charitable projects can be added, such as local groups. The amount allocated to be paid will then be divided up among your chosen causes by, and this works even if the amount for each becomes small as you add charities.

The ability to give small amounts to a large number of charities, or even to just one, makes different to other methods of supporting by regular subscription. Usually supporters need to pay by credit card, which means it’s only worthwhile with a minimum amount. The method could lead to charities getting more donations from a larger number of people, which would add up even if the individual amounts are small. Being able to add charities also means that some of the lesser known causes could increase their support.

With it’s also easier to stop subscribing than it would be by direct contact with the charity, which could encourage supporters. It takes away some costs for the charity, and the website states that the whole donation goes to the cause, apart from the fee charged by Paypal. As the donations are aggregated from a number of subscribers they can be made in a single payment by to keep the transaction fee low. Donating in this way cuts out the emails and circular letters that charities send out, and will save the charities that expense too, for those of us who set aside a regular amount to donate and don’t need to be included in mailings. Donations can be anonymous, unless they are for causes such as political campaigns where transparency is required.


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