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Search – Saving Lives LOGO is a stratup with and idea to establish a crowd-funding platform for patients who can’t afford medical treatment. is a nonprofit organization based in Silicon Valley, California, it’s aim is to improve the lives of the needy around the globe by helping people find funds to get medical treatment, feel better and live longer. MaishaCare also works to support other fundamental challenges that faces people around the world such as education and homelessness, to name a few.

Human suffering from diseases and sickness is universal, when diseases struck they don’t discriminate between people on the basis of their color, wealth or national origin. Unfortunately, every day a lot of people face the daunting task of fighting their illnesses and trying to match the cure they need with their financial capacities, in an effort to live better and live longer. Currently there is no method that gives every single patient away to have his/her voice heard, every single illness can find a fund. Charity organizations have been providing great support and help for the sick, but their work often limited by their geographical reach, moreover their process is time-consuming and very cumbersome for some patients. is founded by a group of like-minded individuals with the passion to help improve the lives of individuals and their communities. MaishaCare is a a novel service, which is an initiative to provide a platform for the donors who care! Caregivers can now contribute for a cause, to people who are in serious need of funds for medical treatment. By touching the hearts of people around the world, the team behind MaishaCare believes that lives can be saved and communities can be impacted towards a healthier living, through a simple and inexpensive PayPal contribution towards medical treatments.The medical and philanthropic partners are licensed and registered to practice in their respective countries and have outstanding reputation within their communities.

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