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peggsit – Quick Job Market

Logo If you are looking for a quick way to find someone to do a job for you or you are looking for small work opportunities and you live in the California Bay Area, peggsit may be able to help you. A service similar to Craigslist, it aims to bring together employers and workers in the area for the mutual benefit for everyone.

The process is simple. Employers post their jobs along with the estimated budget in the listing and the workers can browse the listing to find the jobs which suit their specialty. Both parties can then correspond online to finalize the requirements. There are no fees involved and job posters are required to pay the applicant on the day the job is completed.

What they say about themselves

Ever wish you could hire someone to assemble your IKEA furniture? Do you want to earn $50 cutting the neighbor’s lawn? peggsit.com connects individuals and small businesses needing short-term help with local people willing and able to get the job done.

Why it could be a success

By giving the community a chance to help itself out by putting employers and workers in contact through a simple application, peggsit can soon become the next outsourcing portal for Bay Area. What they need is to expand their service to other cities to maximize the interaction and possibly incorporate a payment procedure to ensure the fairness of the process.


Betterfly – Find the right person

BetterFly Logo The service industry is changing. New models of business come out daily and the intense competition drives people to search for new ways to find potential customers. Outsourcing has been with us for a long time. Businesses reach out to professionals for tasks like advertising and marketing. Now, if we talk about individuals, people have been using the Internet for a long time to make purchases of products (Amazon comes to mind). People offer their services via websites like Craigslist. Recently I visited BetterFly and their specialty is the service sector.

Make an account on BetterFly and then search through the listing of services. You may be looking for a musician for lessons or a therapist. From teachers to yoga instructors, the website claims to offer services from more than a thousand individuals. On finding one, you have the option to make transactions for services rendered through the website or you can get together and use any other method.

If you happen to use the service, do leave a feedback about the provider so that other people can benefit from it.

What they say about themselves

Betterfly is the first website of its kind to exclude companies, focusing on people instead. Its goal is to make it easy to find the best people to help you learn, look or feel better. Betterfly sets out to make that process easier and more efficient for its users. By catering to individuals instead of companies and by offering a broad but well-defined set of services, Betterfly enables users to compare apples to apples.

Why it could be a success

Finding the right professional can be difficult. Yellow pages are there, but you can’t be sure about the competence of a person unless you hear some positive feedback. All this is provided to you through BetterFly. The website is still beta so I’d give it some time to see how it fares.


FameHog – Showcase Your Talents

FameHog Logo The entertainment industry provides employment to a host of professional needed for making any sort of presentation possible. People usually see only the presenters like actors, directors, editors and musicians etc. Few, if any, know about the people who work to make all this possible in the background.

I am talking about the people who work day and night during the projects durations like agents, engineers, designers, makeup and hair professionals and stuntmen. They rarely get the exposure they deserve to show the world what they are capable of. Well, FameHog is just the place for such people.

FameHog provides these professionals with the opportunity and tools to present their creations for everyone to see. Besides being a social networking site, the place provides audio and video player, news service and even email facilities. An easy to use content management system allows for professional looking profiles and resumes.

What they say about themselves

The vast majority of film & TV professionals don’t have management. These are the set designers, animators, makeup artists, sound engineers, etc. To date these professionals have had limited options to promote, market and manager their careers. FameHog levels the playing field and digitizes this distribution model, eliminating the need for printed headshots, portfolios and messengers.

Why it could be a success

People need to know how much work goes into making a TV or film production possible and how many people make it so. Everyone should get the exposure they deserve for their creative talents. FameHog may inspire others to follow these professionals by providing them the platform to get together and discuss ideas. I believe the website could benefit by launching a marketplace for people to monetize their talents.


Legal Playground – Professional Law Portal

LegalPlayground Logo A new entry into the social networking niche, Legal Playground provides a portal for the lawyers and legal fraternity to interact with people seeking them out for their needs. The process is simple. Both the service providers and clients get a chance to signup and seek each other out.

Legal professionals can make their profiles on the website. They can provide people with blog posts and list their expertise in the relevant field. Clients can seek out these professionals through searching or posting their problems eliciting a response from the appropriate professionals. Clients can also post their testimonials about the quality of service they got from anyone from this website.

What they say about themselves

Recent studies show that when looking for an attorney, consumers now search the Internet, review blogs, and watch online videos to help them decide. Legal Playground provides a way to connect consumers and lawyers in this digital revolution. Lawyers can easily create a profile, blog and upload multimedia. And, consumers can easily search for attorneys by name, location or practice area. The app is also revolutionary for the legal community, and the closest lawyers will get to having their own free app.

Why it could be a success

Targeting the legal fraternity and allowing them to easily interact with their prospective clients is a nice business model. The service is free and only charges when a professional is actually hired. For legal professionals who are new and need a place to build their portfolio, Legal Playground provides an easy to use and manageable platform.


UpOut – Your Guide to Your City

UpOut logoYou might have faced a situation where you want to go out with your friends but you find yourself stuck in coming up with an activity to do or a place to go. UpOut.com is set to release you from this frustration by providing you with the best activities to do in your city. Now you can shine in your group when you come up with the most entertaining & interesting things to do.

UpOut is a social community featuring different activities, which you could do on any given day. The members submit the activities to the website and these activities contain all the details you may require, including costs involved and time and dates.

Started by two college students, frustrated by the lack of ideas of activities in their city, UpOut gives you the opportunity to add your favorite activities and earn Karma. If other members like the activities added by you, you might also be selected to be the Champion. The Champions are sent to find out about the new activities on the expense of UpOut.

Currently UpOut.com is in Beta and lists activities for several cities but with time, the featured activities are bound to grow for more cities. The next beta has some valuable additions in store for the members.

What they Say about Themselves

UpOut lets you discover the awesome things to do in your city. Finding and sharing great stuff do in your city is hard. UpOut is a community driven website that enables users to filter/find awesome (aka non-tourist) things to do.

Why It Could be a Success

UpOut makes it easy to find the best activities in your own city. Members are encouraged and rewarded to make activity suggestions. Although some similar websites are already presenting such information, UpOut competes well as the parameters added to the activities to provide detailed information. The reward system in shape of selecting Champions is also very intuitive, may help foster engagement through game mechanics and will no doubt bring good results for UpOut.


Moodfish – Helps You Decide, What To Do

Moodfish LogoEverybody experiences the confusion, when it comes to going out. It is often very difficult to choose a specific activity among several available options. Imagine you are in romantic mood but not enough for a candle-light dinner with your girlfriend, so what should you do? Confusion, huh? Moodfish is there to help you.

Moodfish is intending to be a mood-based search engine. It contains listing of different events happening in your city along with a mood chart labeled as Mood Mix. The Mood Mix helps you assess the right event for your mood. Choose what your mood say. Currently it has listing of events in Austin, Texas only but once it is fully launched itmight become the perfect place to find out whats happening in your city and decide, if a particular event or activity is right for you.

Moodfish presents a short description of the event or activity along with the listing, which helps to know about it before making a decision. It also helps you buy tickets for the event or reserve your place at a restaurant.

What Do They Say about themselves?

When you’re in the mood to go out, you can finally search by how you naturally think and feel about entertainment – by mood! Whether you’re in the mood for an intense night out, a chill day under the sun or a romantic date night, finding the perfect thing to do has never been simpler or easier. Think of us as your go-to best friend when your real life best friend has no idea what to do today.

Why it Could Be a Success:

The business model of helping the people to find what they should do could make Moodfish a success. It simplifies the decision making process for entertainment by listing the most relevant listings in a city. The users have the ability to choose what fits their mood best and this alone could be a major factor in the potential success of Moodfish.


Euxonline.com – Presenting St. Eustatius to the World

Euxonline LogoEuxonline is an informative website aimed to provide all the necessary information about St. Eustatius, Netherland, to anybody interested in traveling to this beautiful island. The website presents the island of St. Eustatius to people all over the world.

This website focuses on the needs of the travelers who wish to spend some quality time in this magnificent island. Euxonline provides all the information about the places to stay, car rental, things to do, transportation, about the laws & regulation, the government, etc. It also keeps the visitors updated on the local happening.  The interesting articles from the local writers provide an insight of the people belonging to this island. This instantly makes the visitors welcomed at the island without even reaching there and helps in getting the true feeling of the city.

Euxonline also feature exhilarating pictures of the island of St. Eustatius. The pictures make the site more visually appealing and keep the reader interested. At the same time, these pictures fulfill their requirement to get a clear imagination of how the island looks like without being there.

The layout of the website is user-friendly and has easily accessible tabs. Few clicks can present the information the visitors might be looking for. Euxonline also provides its visitors with links to various local businesses, something valuable for both enjoyment-seeking and business visitors.

All in all, Euxonline is an innovative and informative way to find out about the island of St.Eustatius, Netherlands, from anywhere around the globe.

What Do They Say About Themselves?

Presenting Saint Eustatius to the world.

Why This Could Be a Success:

Euxonline is an original and informative website that offers a wide range of information about the beautiful island of St. Eustatius, Netherlands. The website is easy to use and fulfills many of the requirements of those who are interested to visit St. Eustatius for any purpose.


PinTutor – Tutor Jobs for private tutors

Local lead generation for small business people and professionals is seeing a lot of action at the moment. Pintutor.com say they are going to be the best place to find local tutors for any subject, generating tutors real student enquries and real cash. Launched this weekend PinTutor claim to have registered “hundreds” of tutor profiles already which seems to bode well for them.

We asked what subjects were in the most demand, “mathematics, biology and languages” are apparently the top searched subjects. A maths tutor is apparently 4x more in demand than the average private tutor.

The company are offering a freemium membership system to tutors, the free profile allows tutors to receive up to 3 students per month, tutors with paid membership get more students. To sign up for tutor jobs head to PinTutor.com.


StreetMavens – What’s Happening Near You

streetmavensThis is an international website that lets you search by country and city to find what’s going on locally for leisure and business. A search for events in London certainly turned up some interesting ones, and although not all cities are included yet there is already a good selection. It’s also possible to list your event, making this a useful place to promote an activity, and with the Southbank Centre and National Portrait Gallery among the first events listed it feels like a worthwhile resource for event promoters and those looking for something to do.

Businesses can use StreetMavens to list their activity, and the map at the top of the main page has a zoom-in feature that makes it a handy street map. Like many recent websites it includes community features, with a Street Talk page to let people make comments, a page for photos, and a final page where you can search for others on StreetMavens to friend them. It all feels very new and information needs to be added, but judging by the start this could build into a popular website as users keep adding content. It would also be a handy resource for researching cities before you travel.


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