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BUSYOWNERS.COM is an Indian based online solution for commercial property lease management targeted at self managed landlords.
The motive is to provide the functioning of a large application with simplicity like Whatsapp to owners that faces issues in managing their leases. This solution enable owners with essential trackers (lease, rent and expense), and detailed reports related to their leases such as income, expenses, service tax. All information is available at just a click away results in enormous amount of time saving.
Storing information on a safe and secure environment, eliminates the risk of theft,loss or damage.
Owners can manage all their leases and properties on the go, as it can be used on any device at anytime from anyplace.


TrueBridge Sales Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

TrueBridge is a B2B software discovery platform. The platform allows you to find and analyse the best business software across segments and functions like analytics, marketing,big data, accounting, HR, investment, finance etc. TrueBridge expert advisory team also helps you to select the right software and guides you through the entire buying process.

Today’s B2B buyers have to invest lot of time and energy to source the right software for their business. Some of the typical challenges faced by a B2B buyer includes where to source from, interacting with multiple vendors, no independent reviews, lack of transparent user feedback, time consuming evaluation process and many more.


Vision Helpdesk

Vision is a web-based helpdesk software that allows clients to manage and support multiple companies using one platform. The ALL-IN-ONE helpdesk solution to manage various channels.

Vision Helpdesk product has been improved over the past 5 years with the release of the more improved and efficient 3rd version of the helpdesk software. Vision Helpdesk offers everything that any traditional helpdesk software offers like Ticket Management, Client Management, Automation, Self-Help, Custom Reporting etc. Additional to all this, Vision Helpdesk offers some unique features:

1) Satellite Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk is the web-based helpdesk software that allows clients the unique feature to manage and support multiple companies at one place. With single installation a client can manage any number of companies and each company can have it’s own client portal.

2) Ticket Billing

With Vision Helpdesk you can offer Paid Ticket support like Per Ticket or Per Hour Billing.

3) Blabby

Private Social Hub for staff members to communicate, share knowledge,files, presentations, collaborate on ticket issues. Vision Helpdesk gained initial success and expanded it’s clients base, it is serving over 5000 companies.The ALL-IN-ONE helpdesk solution to manage various channels like E-mail, Web-forms,Twitter, Facebook, Chats and Calls all under single roof.

Share cloud security startup based in Palo Alto, California. According to it’s founder it will establish a revolutionary way to support authentication in corporate networks and the cloud. It is founded by Phil Dunkelbergerpb a serial entrepreneur who co-founded PGP Corp in 2002. PGP acquired an authentication technology for 2 million dollar in 2002. A public key-encryption method that was first purchased by McAfee in 1997. McAfee didn’t make a good use of the encryption method and didn’t develop it further, it also didnt see the potential global demand for two-way authentication using encryption. On the other hand PGP headed by Mr. Dunkelbergerpb made a great use of the technology knowing that future demand will increase for the technology to support the need for authentication by corporations world wide.

Mr. Dunkelbergerpb, CEO of PGP

The company developed the technology and provided public-key encryption for corporate networks. PGP sold that technology to Symantec for 300 million dollar. Mr.Dunkelbergerpb saw the great need for two-way authentication by using encryption to secure corporate data and emails over the cloud. promises to revolutionize how people use authentication to secure their data, moreover it promises to simplify the authentication process and end the need for passwords. NokNok labs is still working on the software that will change how people think and use authentication in the future.

Jobs at NokNok Labs


Vice President of Business Development Palo Alto, CA, United States


Lead Engineer Architect (Java Expert) – Internet Security Startup

Palo Alto, CA, United States

QA Engineer (Windows/Automation) – Internet Security Startup Palo Alto,

CA, United States

Senior Software Engineer (Security and Java Expert) Palo Alto, CA,

United States

Software Engineer – Java (Entry Level) Palo Alto, CA, United States

Software Engineer – Windows, C++ (Entry Level) Palo Alto, CA, United


Software Engineer (Java) Palo Alto, CA, United States

Software Engineer (Java) Palo Alto, CA, United States

Software Engineer (Windows) Palo Alto, CA, United States

Software Engineer (Windows) – C++, .Net, JavaScript Palo Alto, CA,

United States

Software Engineer- Mobile, iOS or Android (Entry Level) Palo Alto, CA,

United States

Sr. Mobile Software Engineer (iOS Apple) Palo Alto, CA, United


Sr. Software Engineer (Windows) – C++, .Net, JavaScript Palo Alto, CA,

United States

Sr. Software Engineer- Advanced Technology Group (C++ or Java) Palo Alto,

CA, United States

Windows Software Engineer – Contractor Palo Alto, CA, United States


Sr. Manager, Corporate Marketing (Internet Security Product) Palo Alto,

CA, United States


CodeAvengers is an addictive hot new site that teaches novices the computer programming language of the web: Javascript. The site went live in april 2012 with 40 interactive lessons and games. The site aims to be the most fun and effective Javascript tutorial on the web.Despite the fact that the site is new it has attracted many visitors the the fist month. You don’t have to be a programmer or a computer scientist to use and enjoy the interactive javascript lessons.

The Lessons are designed carefully to adapt to users background and knowledge in programming which makes it more fun and an enjoyable learning experience. with visitors can view the output of each code they learn, they also can learn fast from the detailed explanation of the javascript syntax.

Why it could be a success

The startup was founded by a passionate graduate student who is thriving for success. The site was designed in details to be simple and rich in learning materials. Learning computer programming can be expensive and time consuming, on the other hand provides free and fun way to learn javascript.

The success of the site is also depends on the prospect for funding and expansion. The site expansion to include other popular programming languages using the same simple and fun learning model will boost its popularity and success.


Siine – SiineWriters for Android

siineSiine is a website that hosts the SiineWriters application for Android Operating System. The SiineWriters is an application that shows on the screen an icon-based keyboard which will help you to improve your texting speed. You can even see how much you have improved with your tapping speed with the small clock that appears on the keyboard. And to help you improve your speed you can customize your SiineWriters application according to your needs. You can even adapt your keyboard with the most frequent words and phrases, to minimize your texting time. As a plus, you can share your customization to other users to help them. And the number of customizations which can be saved by the application is practically limitless, meaning that you can add as many personal expressions as you desire.

With the SiineWriters you might come to have difficulties reverting to your old touch screen keyboard, so in order to not encounter problems with your old keyboard, try to practice once in a while, even if it is part of a joke. And to help you learn all you need to know you can access the Support page on the site, where you will find the forum with the most frequent questions accompanied by answers. Here you will also find explanatory videos on “How to” features.


MatterCode – Collaborative Timekeeping

MatterCodeMatterCode is your solution to proper timekeeping for your business. We all know that time is money and that keeping your business or job requirements on a time schedule can be pretty harsh. But with MatterCode you will no longer encounter this problem again. You will no longer postpone the task that you need to follow because you have not kept your time schedule. The MatterCode solution comes with an easy to use interface meaning that you will not encounter any problems with creating your time schedule. It comes with automatic common entry which is, however you may put it, time saving.

With the aid of MatterCode you will be able to have a complete view of the firm’s billing landscape and you will be able to follow a timekeeping schedule to the fullest. And if you have a US company then the MatterCode offers another plus, as it is the first time and expense tracking system which complies with the US trustee guidelines for fee application. With the aid of MatterCode you will be able to follow the proper timekeeping for your business needs and thus manage your business better.


Swabr – Enterprise Microblogging Made in Germany

SwabrSwabr offers you a new concept, enterprise microblogging under the highest quality of German products. If you did not know, swabr means in German black board 2.0. Swabr offers company members the chance to communicate in real time. If you want to picture it more accurately simply think of a blackboard on which everyone in the company writes what he/she thinks of a certain problem and a possible solution. Now the black board becomes digital.

It is like the entire company has its own shared blog, a microblog and thus the concept of microblogging. The new Swabr microblogging concept will offer you the key to improving your social-enterprise.  There will no longer be problems regarding time difference in communication between employees. With Swarb, everyone will be able to communicate with the people he/she needs in real-time.

As for quality, what can be said more than “Made in Germany”? Swabr offers you the highest level of quality in social-media software, you will be able to input the social media concept without any software errors and the employees will be able to use it efficiently, as it is quite easy to follow in design and concept.


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