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CodeAvengers is an addictive hot new site that teaches novices the computer programming language of the web: Javascript. The site went live in april 2012 with 40 interactive lessons and games. The site aims to be the most fun and effective Javascript tutorial on the web.Despite the fact that the site is new it has attracted many visitors the the fist month. You don’t have to be a programmer or a computer scientist to use and enjoy the interactive javascript lessons.

The Lessons are designed carefully to adapt to users background and knowledge in programming which makes it more fun and an enjoyable learning experience. with visitors can view the output of each code they learn, they also can learn fast from the detailed explanation of the javascript syntax.

Why it could be a success

The startup was founded by a passionate graduate student who is thriving for success. The site was designed in details to be simple and rich in learning materials. Learning computer programming can be expensive and time consuming, on the other hand provides free and fun way to learn javascript.

The success of the site is also depends on the prospect for funding and expansion. The site expansion to include other popular programming languages using the same simple and fun learning model will boost its popularity and success.

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