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Entrepreneurship is it Nature or Narture ?

What makes someone an enterpreneur? What special traits that entrepreneurs share? It is known that most entrepreneurs love to work for themselves and they also not afraid to take risks. researchers are trying to find out if genes play any role in the making of the enterpreneur. Is entrepreneurship inherent or learned?

In an article written in Discovery News it stated that in a study in the November issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology explores if the same genes behind personality traits associated with entrepreneurship may determine entrepreneurial drive.

The study founded if you are extroverted and open to experience, you are likely to have the genes for entrepreneurship too.

The scientists determined the gene connection by designing a study of identical and fraternal twins to investigate the influence of genes and environment. Over 3,000 twins participated in the study.

The participants were given a mail questionnaire to answer. Entrepreneurship was measured as respondents who had ever been self-employed, started a new business, been an owner-operator of a company or taken actions towards creating a new business. Their personality traits were also measured.

Prior research on entrepreneurship had focused on personality. And luckily for these researchers, the personality traits associated with entrepreneurship all had genetic components.

The researchers used the person-job fit theory, which states that people select and remain in jobs that fit their personalities. Given the result of that recent study, there are many questions to be answered. For example if we ignore the luck factor what determines success and failure? Does brain power plays a leading role? Do most entrepreneurs have high IQ?


Entrepreneurship is it Nature or Narture ?
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