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Betterfly – Find the right person

BetterFly Logo The service industry is changing. New models of business come out daily and the intense competition drives people to search for new ways to find potential customers. Outsourcing has been with us for a long time. Businesses reach out to professionals for tasks like advertising and marketing. Now, if we talk about individuals, people have been using the Internet for a long time to make purchases of products (Amazon comes to mind). People offer their services via websites like Craigslist. Recently I visited BetterFly and their specialty is the service sector.

Make an account on BetterFly and then search through the listing of services. You may be looking for a musician for lessons or a therapist. From teachers to yoga instructors, the website claims to offer services from more than a thousand individuals. On finding one, you have the option to make transactions for services rendered through the website or you can get together and use any other method.

If you happen to use the service, do leave a feedback about the provider so that other people can benefit from it.

What they say about themselves

Betterfly is the first website of its kind to exclude companies, focusing on people instead. Its goal is to make it easy to find the best people to help you learn, look or feel better. Betterfly sets out to make that process easier and more efficient for its users. By catering to individuals instead of companies and by offering a broad but well-defined set of services, Betterfly enables users to compare apples to apples.

Why it could be a success

Finding the right professional can be difficult. Yellow pages are there, but you can’t be sure about the competence of a person unless you hear some positive feedback. All this is provided to you through BetterFly. The website is still beta so I’d give it some time to see how it fares.


Betterfly – Find the right person
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