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My is an ideal site for anyone who wants to save as it’s set up and designed to match customers with deals that are tailored to their personal interests and tastes. The site also provides a venue for advertisers who want to target customers who are truly interested in their products or services.

Consumers can save a terrific amount of money by using this convenient online shopping service. After filling out their details, they’ll only receive savings deals that are directly aligned with their shopping interests. For example, if a shopper prefers to eat at a particular fast food restaurant or likes shopping, say, at a big name retailer like Wal-Mart, he’ll only receive deals connected with those companies. With, your shopping preferences are considered “classified” material, so you’ll only obtain savings information that matters to you. will start the process by only sending you a couple emails each week—no more. Therefore, they won’t overwhelm you with offers and deals that you can’t possibly use. It’s a customized service made entirely with the consumer’s interests in mind.

So, here’s how it works – simply sign up at and indicate your preferences. Then wait for the savings to accumulate for you and your family. Plus, will promise not to solicit your name over the Internet. Your privacy is respected as well.

The service, as mentioned, offers benefits to advertisers who market on the site too. As a result, the service won’t waste an advertiser’s time by giving him leads that are not part of his customer base. Therefore, advertisers also realize savings in the ad dollars they spend as they won’t expend their precious time and energy on people who will never become part of their target market. As you can see, it’s a win-win situation for both consumer and advertiser alike.

People become repeat customers when they use and advertisers build a following that makes them prosperous. With, you, the customer, will be able to create your own personalized savings store, giving you the best deals on clearance items and daily advertised specials from your favorite retailers. The site will allow you to realize regular savings on the items that you buy the most. It’s the best way to spend as well as save money.

What does say?

On people can create a personalized store in just 30 seconds that pulls in the best clearance sales, promo codes, daily deals and refurbished items on the things they buy from the retailers they trust.

What’s So Special about It?

Have you tried Groupon or Living Social? Do you often get emailed a bunch of things you don’t care about? Everybody does so was created to show consumers only the deals on the things that interested them. A user can create a profile in just 30 seconds where they list what kinds of food, clothes and stuff they like. This gives them the opportunity to enjoy savings by way of their own personalized store – a store that pulls in the best clearance items, promo codes, seasonal sales etc. from big name stores they know and trust. Best of all the service is free and customers will never receive a ton of email. Why not try it out today?


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