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Libre – Clothing Line for Patients

Libre LogoLibre is a new clothing line for the patients of Chemotherapy and Dialysis. The Libre clothes are prepared keeping in mind the patients and ease of treatment for them. Libre combines the daily-wear and patient-wear into a unique yet very logical clothing line.

Libre means free or open and the name is given to the clothing referring to the opening in clothes for treatment. The patients no longer have to change into the treatment clothes before going through the dialysis and infusion treatment. The patients can wear these clothes the whole day; the treatment can be done through the hidden openings in the dress without changing into hospital clothes.

The hospital clothes have been a major problem for the patients, who have to go through the treatment on regular basis. It becomes even worse in winter when the patients face the cold weather in the hospital clothing. Libre allows the patients to get the treatment in the comfortable and warm clothing instead of inadequate hospital clothes.

The idea of the clothing line started when one of the co-founders, Megan Stengel noticed the troubles faced by her mother during her treatments. So the founders really understand the problems of their customers.

What Do They Say about themselves?

Libre is a functional clothing line for chemotherapy and dialysis patients. Clothing is designed to fulfill the unmet needs of patients receiving treatment through port sites and fistulas. We offer classic styles with an innovative opening where treatment is received.

Why it Could Be a Success:

The key to success for any business is in focusing on the customers’ needs and Libre does just that. It fulfills a need of patients that was ignored before Libre. It is truly a very good solution for those patients, who go through the treatments regularly. Libre also aims to team up with the charities by donating a share of all sales. The commitment to serve the patients better could be a major factor in its success.


Libre – Clothing Line for Patients
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  • Janice Pfaus says:

    Do you have a catalog showing photos and/or illustrations of the clothing items available for sale? I am a female dialysis patient and I am very interested. Thank you in advance for your kind reply.

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