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SalonMonster – The Booking Solution for Salons & Spas

SalonMonsterIf you have been looking for a better and more focused appointments solution for your salon, you have found one. SalonMonster is a new web-based application for all the appointment needs for your salon.

Being web-based, it is easily accessible from anywhere and anytime. The salon clients are free to initiate the appointment process at anytime and through any medium including a smartphone by visiting your website. This ensures that the clients actually visit the salon once they have made an appointment themselves.

The application also sends confirmation and reminder emails to the clients so the no-show issues are almost gone. The clients are no more required to call the salon and wait for the lines to free.

The salon has complete control over appointments. Accepting an appointment or rejecting it depends on the salon. Another benefit to the salon is that there is no need to make manual appointments and keep the manual record. The complete analytics are recorded by the application, which can be retrieved later.

The overall features are good for both the client and the salon. The clients are at ease while making appointments and the salons do not have to spend time and money on maintaining the appointment books and keeping the record.

What Do They Say About Themselves?

SalonMonster provides online scheduling for hair and nail salons. Web based system allows access from any computer or smartphone with internet access.

Why it Could Be a Success

Among several appointment applications, SalonMonster is the only one focusing on salon appointments. Its intuitive and interactive web-based appointment process makes the scheduling virtually effortless. It helps keep the costs and workload low. The major feature of the application is the satisfaction and participation of clients and total control of the salon over appointments.

Overall, it could be a useful software for salon owners, who want to simplify the booking process for their salons.


SalonMonster – The Booking Solution for Salons & Spas
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