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ItsMySearch LogoEvery person has a desire deep down in his heart i.e. to personalize everything he uses. ItsMySearch claims to do just that for those who want to personalize their search experience.

The main function of ItsMySearch is to make a personalized homepage for your browser. Homepage is the first thing you see, whenever you fire up your browser application. Imagine having your smiling face on background and your name instead of Google’s logo; you would surely love it. You may also put an image of your family, girlfriend, etc to add some good memories to it.

The website also offer many customized themes for your liking. You may choose from a wide variety of available themes. Another advantageous thing is the ease of creating your very personalized start page. You can start the process from the homepage and it takes literally very few efforts to have your page ready to be set as browser homepage.

ItsMySearch also offers several search engines to search from a single interface. These search engines include Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, and YouTube.

One thing I noted, which should be considered by is the lack of personalization on the search results pages. It would be very nice if the search results also had the same personalized look as the homepage. In fact the search results are pretty plain lacking an attractive look.

What Do They Say About Themselves? stands as one of the most lively ways available for users to customize their own start pages. lets just anybody come up with a 100% personalized homepage that can pull search results from sites as popular (and pivotal) such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia and YouTube

Why it Could Be a Success:

ItsMySearch could become a success due to its focus on the people’s desire to personalize. It needs to implement personalization at the whole search process rather than limiting it to the start page. Another thing, which makes it stand out is the ease of switching the search engine in search results, if needed.

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