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Search – Burglar begone Is a startup that was born as a result of a real life experience. In 2008, the founder was living in a ground floor flat in Eastern Suburbs of Sydney (Australia) while studying his undergraduate degree. When summer break came, an interstate trip with family to enjoy the warmth and beaches in sunny Queensland ended in horror after intruders burgled his home completely bare. Every drawer, cupboard, cabinet, shelf was turned upside-down, inside out; literally every item worth $10 or more was taken. Inspired by this personal experience, Attikis has the lofty goal of ‘Fighting Crime, Doing Good’.

Attikis strives to fulfill this purpose by making available great tools in preventing and reducing crime: from monitoring that acts as a deterrent and enables property dwellers to respond faster to providing free security audits and a free recovery kit for victims, cocooning customers when a break-in occurs and actively engaging in security awareness campaigns in the community.

Attikis is a great service to provide back-to-base security alarm monitoring for free, targets the 9-in-10 homes and businesses that have no means to monitor their properties while away. Available for all iPhone and iPad devices, Attikis was conceptualized as a substitute to the more than $300 per annul prices and lock-in contracts of existing providers, and works with pre-installed alarm systems.

Our homes and businesses are left unattended for large parts of the day while we work, rest and live. That’s why Attikis has developed around-the-clock monitoring to keep your property secure with instant alerts that reach you anywhere, no matter where you are in the World. Attikis provides informative Phone Calls, SMS Messages, E-mails and Push Notifications on your iPhone or iPad when the alarm is triggered, easily defined by the property owners through the Attikis app to match the type of alarm – and all sent within a matter of seconds after being triggered. This startup gives users the ability to monitor their alarm system, so they can keep a tab on their homes or businesses while they are a way. Moreover users can connect their existing security alarm or purchase a new inexpensive one to use the service.

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