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Let’s Gift It – Group Gifting Made Easy

letsgiftit Logo Let’s Gift It is a relatively new website launched back in December 2010. It implements a simple business model giving users the opportunity to send gifts to other people. You may be wondering how this is different from other gift services. Well, it is, because it allows the gifts to be sent as a group.

The process is simple. All you need is a free account to start the process. Then it is up to you to choose an appropriate gift and send out invites to your friends or colleagues directly or via social networking websites like Facebook. Users can then visit the link and chip in with whatever amount they like. The contributions are anonymous as far as the recipient is concerned although the organizer can see this information. Everything from packaging to shipping is then taken care of automatically through the service interface.

Let’s Gift It uses Authorize as the payment processing system. The service also provides APIs for merchants to incorporate this functionality in their websites.

What they say about themselves

We help people buy and gift as a group. Lets Gift It is innovating in social commerce and gifting. We are one of the best social media apps enabling retailers and wish lists by providing a technology solution for social buying in electronic commerce. E-business and online merchandising sites are using social media campaigns to reach and engage with groups of buyers. Let’s Gift It taps into social networks to provide our e-Commerce partners with an alternative payment solution by deploying our SaaS group gift technology.

Why it could be a success

Simply put, small contributions pooled together can be used to buy something nice for a person you care about. Instead of individual gifts, people can use group gifting to buy something big and relatively expensive like iPod or a PS3.


MagoFun – Your Face on a Magazine Cover


See if you can resist trying this one out. Do you remember the trend for making fake magazine covers with your photo in the place of the model, or the photo of a friend so you could give a framed copy as a gift? Now you can make your own fake magazine covers with photos of yourself or others – I tried it and it’s effective and also useful to brighten up your profile picture on social networks. You could also put photos of others to email or print out as a fun present. Some magazine titles are less than complimentary so they could be provide a comical way of complaining about somebody who has let you down.

Using the website is simple. The main page prompts you to upload a photo and then you can scroll through a selection of fake magazine covers. These vary from glamorous movie star publications to serious news or specialist interest magazines including sports and cars. As a closet geek I felt more comfortable on the cover of computer magazines and the result is effective and funny. I’m sure a few people will think it’s authentic until they think about it. People seeing these covers are likely to try the site out so it should gain popularity quickly, especially as it’s just in time for the gift-giving season.


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