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ShopR – Social Shopping

logo150Social shopping sounds like it could be really useful. If someone were to ask me if I thought being able to easily organize shopping lists for events, parties or even amongst families then I’d say yes. But I’ve yet to see any decent execution of the concept. ShopR aims to let users collaborate with friends when shopping. My gripe is that I found it difficult to get stuck in straight away, I didn’t want to have to register to start creating a list and I was unclear initially whether ShopR allows users to add any product online, or just from products on their site.

A good move might be to add Facebook Connect functionality, which would solve the registration problem as a lot of users already have a Facebook account, a Facebook app would also add an easy way to get friends involved with your collaborative shopping effort. As the main issue I had with the site was that it wasn’t easy enough for me to instantly get stuck in. The concept definitely has legs, it remains to be seen if ShopR can pull in enough users.


ShopR – Social Shopping
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