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ShareSWF – Display Your Flash Files


This site not only allows users to upload and share their flash files, it also shows the potential of these animations. Flash files can be used for far more than amusement, as a look through the various categories soon proves, with the creators showing ingenuity at displaying business and educational information alongside popular card games and art design tools.

Even for those who don’t create Flash animations this is an entertaining site to browse through, and for those who do create their own it would be full of inspirational ideas and the chance to join a community of fellow enthusiasts. Animations are grouped together under Recently Watched, Recently Uploaded and Most Played tags. Be warned that the animations are so tempting to watch that you could while away some time enjoying the site. The interactive ones are particularly compulsive.

It’s neatly presented with the animations grouped into areas of interest on the front page so it’s possible to select a topic and see the full range. Games are popular, but you can also find a wide range of subjects including Fun and Humour, Sports and Leisure, Travel, Technology, Spiritual, Fashion and Lifestyle, Health, Entertainment, Designing, Book Reviews and Business Management. Anyone who underestimates the potential of Flash files will get a different impression after a visit.


ShareSWF – Display Your Flash Files
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