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China’s BYD – A Model For Chinese Innovation?

I was surprised to see a TechCrunch article today about the supposed innovative tech hub that is Shenzen in China. Most of us know that the Chinese don’t seem to have too much of an ethical problem in copying software, gadgets, designer clothes and pretty much anything else, so the stereotype is that the Chinese manufacture, they don’t innovate.

It’s happened countless times in the startup world, which is why sites that are popular world wide tend to find it hard getting momentum in China as there is invariably a home grown Chinese copy (I can’t help but suspect this is somehow encouraged by the fiercely protectionist Chinese authtorities).

I’m open to having stereotypes contradicted but this article did nothing to do dispel my belief that China is an extremely efficient copying machine rather than a creative hub of innovative tech entrepreneurs.

The TechCrunch Article mentions BYD as being a shining example of innovation, with Western journalists supposedly agog at their R&D. I think R&D is Chinese for “Copy good ideas”.

For a start let’s take a look at their logo:

Not so innovative.

And some of their designs:

First the BYD S6 – A shameless copy of the Lexus RX

Next the BYD F6 and the spookily similar looking BMW 7:

I’m not so sure that we’ve seen the spark of innovation in China yet. A good start would be to tighten up software piracy laws and properly enforce intellectual property, perhaps then some truly innovative ideas might actually make some profit for their creators. Why spend all that time developing a great business or product when every Chinaman and his dog can create carbon copies faster than you can ship the originals?


China’s BYD – A Model For Chinese Innovation?
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6 Responses to China’s BYD – A Model For Chinese Innovation?

  • Jim Wright says:

    I think maybe you should compare the F6 to a Lincoln Town Car or something…it doesn’t look at all like the BMW.

  • Andrew says:

    Agreed. Cars look like cars. Those two aren’t very similar. You might be right. But you look very wrong at the moment.

  • admin says:

    “Cars look like cars”

    Very insightful, thanks.

    Here’s another BYD clone:

  • New Logo says:

    BYD has changed their logo. BYD S6 is not a clone of the Lexus RX but is an original. BYD F6 and BMW 7 are also two different models. People need to stop accussing chinese brands of being clones.

  • lilvchip says:

    Who cares if the cars look similar (which I might add you have a point on the S6 but the F6 looks nothing like a BMW). What’s really important here is pricing. BYD Auto has made it possible to purchase these hybrid and pure electric cars at an affordable price. For everyone else who doesn’t make at least six figures or more can now have the opportunity to purchase a good car that is safer for the environment and saves on gas. Why aren’t you writing an article about that? Don’t we have more important problems in the world to worry about then who is copying who?

  • admin says:

    Why write an article about it? Why write an article about anything?

    Copying products rather than innovating should be called out. Especially as the Techcrunch article was touting BYD as an amazing breath of fresh air and futuristic.

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