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Kublax – Organises Your Finances

kublaxThis is certainly the easiest method I’ve come across to keep track of your finances. Software to organise personal income and expenditure can be off-putting if it’s tricky to set up, but with Kublax there’s so little for the user to do. Sign in, fill in details of the bank accounts you want to include, and the website links to your bank to access the data. Transactions from all your accounts and credit cards are then accessed in a single place, and Kublax will sort this into reports and charts to help you stay aware of every detail of your financial situation.

In the present economic climate a money management system is essential to keep track of your budget so that you don’t overspend, and this one is much more effective than human effort. It issues alerts when payments are due so you can see if large amounts are about to go out of your account, and even breaks down the items into grocery shopping and other types of spending. As if this isn’t enough for the system to do automatically, it can then compare the percentages you spend on various types of goods and services and compare it with other Kublax users to indicate where you might be overspending.

The obvious worry of users has been whether or not it’s safe to supply bank details with pin numbers and passwords, but write-ups for Kublax in the press have been complimentary, and the FAQs reassure that the information is all encrypted and not accessed by Kublax staff. It looked like a pleasure to use and even tempted me, mostly because it does all the work and displays the results clearly and attractively, although I’ve tried and failed many times to get enthusiastic about a money management system in the past.


Kublax – Organises Your Finances
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