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Open Source Living – Dynamic Archive of Open Source Software

openThis is an invaluable resource for open source software on all major platforms which aims to prove the validity of open source as an alternative to corporate funded, closed source software. The website is built by a community of OSS enthusiasts, ranging from newcomers to experts who offer advice and support along with information on cutting edge developments and ideas. Along with an archive of software available and expert advice, the website also encourages submission of articles by guest authors and regular contributors.

Visitors to the site are invited to participate if they have expertise to share: by contacting with ideas for articles, by submitting their own OSS project or one that they’ve found that could benefit others, or by taking part on the forum. There’s also the chance to donate to the project.

The archive provides details about open software for audio, business applications, content management, documents, e-commerce, entertainment, file transfer, games, graphics and photos, smart phones, video, web development and web. It’s an expertly put together and particularly comprehensive archive and community discussion website, and one users will return to again and again. Not surprisingly its traffic is steadily growing.


Open Source Living – Dynamic Archive of Open Source Software
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