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StuffBuff – New Approach to Auctions

stuffbufflogoThe designers of StuffBuff believe that sellers want more from an online auction than they’re getting from eBay and Craigslist. They are challenging these well-established services with StuffBuff, an auction that takes place in 10 minutes rather than days, and is interactive and real-time. The auction can also be embedded in your blogs and social networks, so it’s portable from one website to another, and this means it can go viral. With cataloguing software to organise items for sale, and easy ways to embed the auction on main networks and blogs, StuffBuff sounds prepared to make a strong attempt in this competitive market already dominated by the main auction sites.

Join up and list items then start to sell. Buyers can use LiveHaggle to chat to you to find out about the product and all buyers can see what’s being said. Buyers can also ask to be notified when a product becomes available, so they could be waiting for the goods you have to sell. StuffBuff also has a listing of new products as they come on to the market. Photos can be scanned in using webcam or any video camera to make the whole process quick and easy.

To get the site started it’s free to list items, but the standard fees in future will be $0.25 to set up an auction, $1.50 Reserve, and a 5% fee to StuffBuff for the final sale price received. Anyone who has found offputting sides to the main auction sites will be tempted to give StuffBuff a go. Like many sites starting up it takes a social network approach, letting users build up a network of fans and followers so that they can interact as a community


StuffBuff – New Approach to Auctions
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