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VisiRun – Fleet Management with Web Tracking

VisiRun Logo EN 150This service has a low monthly fee of 29 Euros for fleet management, letting businesses track where their vehicles are on the map in real time. Managers can keep an eye on locations, routes, drive times and stops. This not only lets managers stay in control of their team, it also lets them see which vehicle is nearest to their next client, and also which technician is closest at hand if a driver neads assistance.

Any unscheduled stops would be noticed, along with changes to the route. Alarms can be set to alert of stops and also arrival at destination, as well as for speeding. The system can also help managers assess the time needed for a particular drive and also for loading and unloading. Other devices can be monitored, including loading doors and anti-theft buttons. This not only helps avoid theft, but should stop anyone getting into the trucks uninvited. The driver and manager will be aware of all movements in and out of the vehicle.

To improve communication with drivers VisiRun allows text messages, and communication of the next mission. Drivers can also be alerted to any problems on the road up ahead so that they can divert and avoid them. The system is designed to avoid any need for telephone calls to the driver, and with increasing needs to monitor international fleets this kind of service is essential. It uses GPS tracking and Google Maps.


VisiRun – Fleet Management with Web Tracking
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