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WineTwits – Tweet me a glass

winetwits-comIf you’re still wondering what to do with your Twitter account, or whether you should even have one, then consider the many communities with shared interests this social network gathers together. WineTwits is such a community, bringing together people interested in wine to share their knowledge and enthusiasm. WineTwits has a website and you can also follow them on Twitter to interact with the other wine-lovers in this group.

WineTwit members discuss wine, events and special events in the microblogs they post on Twitter, and this website brings them all together so you can click on a menu option to see what everybody is saying in each category. You can add your own comments on types of wine, events and seminars and TwitFace brings it all together for others to find easily.

By rating wines you take part in a survey so Twitface can give overall ratings. Wine retailers and other suppliers can make special offers to the WineTwits community. This approach to Twitter lets the organisers bring members together in a way that lets you have an ongoing conversation – something that isn’t easy on Twitter unless you’re in a shared interest group.

The main menu choices take you to comments by members who have posted an entry on that subject, and they are: Wine Talk, Wine Events, Wine Directory, and Specials (promotions). Twitter really is enjoyable and useful with this kind of application to bring people with something in common together.


WineTwits – Tweet me a glass
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