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CulinaryCulture – Share Recipes and Restaurant Reviews

Good cookery websites can be among the most popular on the internet and Culinary Culture has many of the features people look for. Members of the Culinary Culture community can share recipes and photos of their food from the comfort of their homes with no need for fancy kitchens and glossy magazine styling. The chat forums let people also become friends and plan dinner parties and get-togethers.

The website isn’t just a recipe-sharing social network, it also encourages members to list their local eateries and review them so that visitors to their area will know the best places to dine. The information is presented under Places, Recipes, Events and Community, and the website makes it easy to upload photos to illustrate each section. The recipes can be sorted by levels of difficulty, relevance to you, and also by date so you see the most recent.

The photos of the locations look inviting, the plates of food mouth-watering, and there are interesting events of various sorts listed – including a Whisky Fest, a World Festival for food lovers and a Vegan Bake Sale on the first page. This website is definitely my kind of thing and should appeal to many others.


CulinaryCulture – Share Recipes and Restaurant Reviews
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