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Filmgator – Movies Reviews and Community

There are plenty of movie websites out there so it takes a special design to gain members. Filmgator looks like it has a good chance by combining a comprehensive aggregation of films together with reviews and a social networking approach to involve the community. Movies are well organised by category and by date, so you can find older ones as well as recent movies and those coming soon.

The front page was immediately helpful to me with a selection of the most watched movies out at the moment (I chose one to go to), plus the most in-demand movies coming soon (I chose one of those too). Along with brief information there are reviews by the community so you can get involved and let others know your experience of the movies you’ve seen.

The site aims to be more than a database, helping visitors choose movies, and as well as reviewing movies members are invited to rate each one. This helps Filmgator see what individual members like so they can be sent relevant information about movies. Each member has a timeline to record the movies they see so that friends can take a look, and by following each other it becomes a film buff social network.


Filmgator – Movies Reviews and Community
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