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SpotiBot – Recommends Music You’ll Like

This site is a little bit too good as it identified the type of music I like and kept me entertained for hours when I should have been writing. SpotiBot works together with Twitter and the music site Spotify to help you find music you’ll enjoy based on your favourite musicians. To use it you go to the SpotiBot site, or direct to your Twitter account, and type in ‘@spotibot similar to’ followed by the name of a musician or band you like. Spotibot will reply to you with suggestions for other musicians you’d enjoy.

I tried it with quite an eclectic range of music and the suggestions were similar in taste and introduced me to musicians I hadn’t heard of, including well established and new ones. SpotiBot gives you the suggestions together with links to the albums on Spotify, so you also need a Spotify account, otherwise you could look up the bands elsewhere. I right-clicked on the tracks on Spotify, copied the URL and pasted it on, a website I reviewed here a while ago. On Webotify the Spotify track is played with a video, so the whole experience has been very pleasurable.

SpotiBot also compiles playlists for you, and although it’s independent of Spotify it works together with Spotify and also using Audioscrobbler is a site that tracks and analyses listening habits. This clever, entertaining and incredibly useful way to find music you’ll like but wouldn’t otherwise hear about, is put together by Andy Smith who can also found on Twitter as @asmitter and @spotibot. Set aside a few hours when you try this one out.


SpotiBot – Recommends Music You’ll Like
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