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WorkoutAddict – Chart Your Fitness Regime

This is just the type of site I was looking for after over-indulging during the festive season. WorkoutAddict is free, unlike many diet and fitness sites. It lets you fill in your profile, including weight and height, and then set yourself a target workout routine. Keep recording the daily workouts you do and watch the reports to see how you’re managing. It’s amazing how you can be encouraged to carry on with a fitness routine by charting your progress. WorkoutAddict also lets you keep weighing in to see that weight hopefully drop.

This is a new website but it’s one with potential. The designers promise new features and it would be nice to have an active community with forums for people to encourage each other and discuss their fitness routines. At the moment users fill in their own workouts, and that’s good for me as I like a daily swim more than anything. Hopefully the designers will add suggested routines, and healthy recipes would also be good, not forgetting to have a vegetarian option for people like me.


WorkoutAddict – Chart Your Fitness Regime
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