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WFMwizard – Easy workforce management

When you’ve got a small business which you need to manage properly, you will want to be benefiting from the services provided by wfmwizard. This site offers its users a unique and very cheap workforce management software for contact centers. WFMwizard  includes forecasting the volume of any incoming calls, the staffing calculations for agents, breaks scheduling, charts, reports modules and more.

The service provided by the site is quite inexpensive in respect to all the various benefits it provides its users with. Starting at only 995$ for a full workstation license, the site offers the most comprehensive workforce management solution to be found online. In order to provide its potential users with a proper trial period, the site offers a 30 day fully operation trial on its services.

The service implements a workforce management methodology in a different way and allowing every call center, even the smallest one to use complete workforce management process, as it is really affordable and easy to use. The problem is that even today many small and medium-sized call centers and help desks still aren’t implanting a complete workforce management or workforce optimization solutions.

This site offers the very best deal in workforce management methodology and you should definitely take the time to check out their offer.


WFMwizard – Easy workforce management
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