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LikeBids is a unique auction site as it’s also free. In fact, you never have to put out one thin dime when you bid on this auction site. With LikeBids, it’s all about sharing. This is how it works – You “LikeBid” your favorite auction. What that means is you must obtain as many “LikeBids” as possible by sharing your individual auction link with everyone that comes to mind. So, in essence, you’re required to refer as many friends and people you know to share your auction so you can win the prize or product absolutely free!

You can win a bunch of free stuff by having the most “LikeBids” every time an auction comes to an end. If you don’t win, however, don’t despair, you can still receive a discounted promotional product just for your participation. It’s really a win-win auction site for everybody concerned.

LikeBids is new and promises to be a great site to visit for anyone who enjoys social media as it’s the first social media auction site. You can bid on great items under such categories as fashion, electronics, health and beauty, video games, and fitness. Win free, play free – who could ask for a better way to bid on an auction site?

LikeBids was established just last year and is just in its infancy. However, it’s already causing a stir among media savvy individuals and will undoubtedly be a favorite social media site. Even if you don’t win, as mentioned, you’ll still be rewarded with an advertiser’s discount code. Therefore, you can better afford some of those things you’ve wanted but didn’t think were possible to get.

If you already enjoy social networking, you’ll like to extend your reach at the LikeBids site. It’s simply a great place for you and all of your friends to meet.

What Does LikeBids Say?

Founded in 2010, is the first social auction website that allows users to win prizes completely free just for promoting a product auction link. was founded to give all social media network users the opportunity to win the prizes they may not be able to purchase. By actively involving the users in promoting brands, removes the annoyance of advertising, and empowers users to be rewarded for actively participating in increasing brand awareness. Although only one winner will emerge to win the prize, offers all participates a discount code (when a minimum share quota is reached) to help everyone afford what they want most!

What’s So Special About It? is the first social media auction website that allows users to win the products they love by promoting them to their friends via social media networks. By providing users a unique gaming experience, and the chance to win prizes just by telling their friends about them, has replaced currency with social media collateral in the form of “likes” and “tweets”. For participating product companies, creates the missing bridge between e-commerce and social media marketing, providing a powerful incentive to get social media users actively promoting brands.. is not creating another social media marketing forum. Instead, it is the engine that will drive business through the social media channels.


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