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CitySourced – Mobilizing Civic Engagement

CitySourcedThe main focus of CitySourced application which can be found and downloaded on the site with the same name is to help you turn your telephone into a device to help you seek civic issues. With the help of CitySourced you will be able to bypass the complicated task of writing a letter or an email to your elected representatives for a demand concerning the community such as environmental matters, public safety or any other aspect that has to do with the quality of life in your community. Now, you will be able to simply send a direct message to those who are concerned with this issue.

With the aid of CitySourced you will be able to fully participate in your community’s well being as you will be able to communicate in the shortest time possible the problems that you notice to the people that can remedy them in the shortest time possible. With the CitySourced application on your mobile you will be able to truly become integrated in the welfare of your community and you will be able to make the change that you wanted.


CitySourced – Mobilizing Civic Engagement
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