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Startups and Choosing your Domain

Startups and Business domain

You just start new a business venture and you want your startup to go on line. The best way is to have a website to show the world how good and unique your startup is and try to promote your ideas. Choosing the domain name for your business is very important. A good available domain can be an eyecatcher for many web surfers which can bring visitors to your website hence customers to your business.

Your business can be desinged around a known trade mark such as iPhone apps or Facebook games A good advice is to avoid domains that contain words with trade mark names such as iPhone, or Facebook,etc. Big companies have been aggressive in raging legal battles to secure their trade marks and they are wining their disputes.

Choose a domain that will help your business grow and respect copyright laws. Many startups struggle in the early stages to survive. Startups also face many challenges to get their business above ground and running and the last thing they want to worry about is to fight a legal claim against a big company.


Startups and Choosing your Domain
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