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Crazy Chins

Crazy Chins is a new startup with a cool and entertaining idea to allow users especially kids to make funny videos of face chins upside-down.This startup offers users the Crazy Chins Movie Maker Kits that let customers easily make and share hilarious upside-down chin videos online with their smart phone. Each kit comes with a Hollywood-quality chin mask, a portable pop out green screen that covers the rest of the face and a corresponding facepaint pen.

This startup received great success with many orders for the Crazy Chins Kits. Furthermore the idea got the attention and then the support from the kickstarter project which helps fund and sponsor entrepreneurs with great ideas.This startup is accelerating with a toy production line in the work. Moreover, Crazy Chins movie maker app AppCrazy also avialbale on iTunes for free download.


Crazy Chins
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