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Cyber Security and the Unfinished Business

The two players in cyber security are the cyber security experts who also can be white hat hackers and the bad hackers who are also known as the black hat hackers.nullChanging Trends in Cyber Security

Cyber security experts have been exploring different and effective methods to shield against hackers. Some passwords for critical systems and for those organizations with sufficient funding are gradually being replaced with biometric identifiers like fingerprints and iris scans.

Biometric information is unique to each person and they cannot be stolen by a phishing attack for example. Using fingerprint or eye scan to log in can be very convenient, easy, productive and secure . Will biometric become the foolproof solution to the cyber security delima and will it get rid of those numerious and complicated passwords? Some suggest that biometric will be the security trend for the future, secure access will be less dependent on lengthy passwords but it will not be foolproof system.

When biometric data is entered into a computer, the system doesn’t store the actual fingerprint or iris scan. It records a digital template of the biometric information. When a user log in, his or her characteristics are matched against those templates, and the match is given a similarity score. If it’s high enough, the user allowed access.

The result of several researches done to find cracks in the biometric security systems were successful. Researchers we able to mimic the digital templates of the finger prints and even build gummy finger versions of the prints to gain access.
null Researchers also were able to hack into the Iris scans systems that takes images of the eye and create the iriscode. By making an image of the stored iriscode then modify it, researchers used the modified codes against the system and they were able to gain access successfully.

Cyber Security and Startups

Security is on the mind of any online business big or small. Startups in particular are vulnerable to attacks because they have low security budget and they have little experience dealing with virus and malware attacks on their web applications. a website that is infected with a virus can be blocked by search engines, that can cause a big setback for any startup.

Startups should scan their machines and website files using commercially provided virus scan software. Furthermore it is important to regularly back up website files. Check with the hosting company to make sure they are using a secure environment. Changing the password regularly still the only good option to protect against hackers.


Cyber Security and the Unfinished Business
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