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How to Turn Your Invention into Reality

So you’re the owner of a small startup, or you’re just a person who has come up with an excellent product – but you don’t know what to do next. People come up with brilliant ideas each day, but those who are successful and make it in business are the ones who know the next steps and are willing to follow through with them. If you’ve got an invention or a new product that you want to see in the market, then follow these tips and you’ll be a success for sure.

Research, research, research should be a mantra in your head at all times. Looking into books and articles inventing or coming up with products will serve you well and make sure that you’re equipped to actually earn an income from your idea. Once you’re well read in inventions and making money from a product in your respective field, then you’ll be set to move forward with your product or service. The next step in the process of turning your invention into reality is to go into the market and do some more research. The goal of this research is to find comparable products in the market, both in brick and mortar and online locations.

Find out if these comparable products are a success, and once you’ve established this, then look at what makes this product a need or want in the market, and how your product will live up to the competition. This is a great juncture to begin thinking about marketing strategy, as you’ve clearly got comparable product and marketing information to work with.

If this is an innovative invention or product that is completely new or unique in some way, you then need to go through the process of patenting it to avoid idea theft. Make sure that you’ve looking on the USPTO site, to identify any other products or services that may already be patented. After you’ve done this, if you feel that you have an invention that can be patented, then look into the process. Know that it may take some time, money or a combination of both so be aware that patience is a virtue in situations like these. While you may not have all of the resources a company has at their disposal, you need to work on the process of creating a prototype or model with what you do have. And this doesn’t mean that you need a scaled 3-D model that has the full functionality as the final product. A prototype can be a 2-D drawing or anything between that and the full product.

Once you have a successful prototype that you’re satisfied with, and then you can begin the task of turning outward into the business community, looking for like-minded people who can serve as an information resource, an investor or a support network. The final step, and one of the most important, is to then create a business plan and use this to guide the way to the final phases of development and marketing of your product.


How to Turn Your Invention into Reality
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