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Put Your Electronics Down, Every Once and A While


While many people who own startups in Silicon Valley are tech geeks who live for the newest gadget, and basically lived glued to technology at all times, there are even those who run these companies who are saying cool it already. Yes, they mean it. They want you to log off Facebook for a little while and get some fresh air.

There’s been a new call for a balance in technology use recently, especially when people are beginning to see the power and addictive nature that it holds over so many people around the world. Even the people out there who are marketing and creating these products think that there’s too much use, and that it can have a direct impact on your life; hurting your social life and your ability to get tasks accomplished. But the problem is, everybody is doing it. This means that most people don’t truly see how much time they’re spending on it, and how it is potentially hurting their lives.

And while many of us can joke about how obsessed we are with technology, why do we not do anything about it? Also, the fact that people in Silicon Valley who run these technologically producing companies are stating it, makes it all the more real as to the dangers of overuse of gadgets. You can liken it to the CEO of McDonald’s telling you that you should be eating fast food in moderation. So yeah – that’s big news.

Many of them commented that while in the beginning it was fun and cool and we were in the “honeymoon” period, now we’ve gone overboard and have completely forgotten about the importance of balance. When’s the last day you went without your gadget? When’s the last time you actively took a break from it? People aren’t and that’s the problem. It’s gotten to the point that Internet use disorder, a disorder that is brought about by constant overuse of the Internet and technology, will be added to the official manual on mental disorders next year.

Another angle to consider is the release of dopamine that is being produced when people play online games or use gadgets. This dopamine release can become addictive fast, which again is comparable to McDonald’s producing food that triggers a chemical response and act as addictive. So are the companies who create these gadgets any way at fault for the consistent push and marketing to buy these products? Or are they like a fast food chain that simply sells food that people want to buy because it tastes good? Many of these tech and social media companies acknowledge the power that their products have over people, but are unsure how to promote moderate use of products without having to produce a less superior product.

At the end of the day, all these companies can do is talk about overuse of gadgets and hope that the consumer practices good judgment. While it may be tempting to spend all of your time online or on your phone, as the founder of a business startup – take a break. Turn off your device and get outside for a little while.


Put Your Electronics Down, Every Once and A While
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