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Kickstarter- Crowdfunding For Students

Kickstarter on is a website that made crowd funding an open source to any one with an idea for a project to post for potential donors and supporters. Funding is very important to the success and failure of any startup. Kickstarter became the heaven for startups looking for crowd funding. It is a great source especially for students who have ideas about a business startup but they lack the financial ability to get everything started. Once the funds are available then they start working on their ideas to bring their projects to life and prove their business model. The success of crowd funding and kickstater in particular to promote new ideas and support entrepreneurs encouraged many students with ideas to join kickstarter and publish their projects to get funded. According to an article written in 75% of all projects submitted on kickstarter for crowd funding are submitted by students. The graphic illustration below shows how students are becoming a big part of kickstarter and crowd funding phenomena.


Kickstarter- Crowdfunding For Students
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