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What’s ooVoo.com? It is a cool video chatting and messaging application software that developed for Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS operating systems. It was released in 2007, it is similar to SKYPE and it is fun and dependable service. It is very nice tool for those who like to chat and communicate using video conferencing whether for business purposes to chat with coworkers or sales associates or personal to keep in touch with family and friends.

The application has been improved over the years with new paid and free features added such as the ability to video chat with twelve members instantly. To use the service it is very easy, users need to download the application then register and choose a username and a password, after registering users can invite friends and family to download the application and register to become members themselves. Once friends are registered and logged in, then they can voice and video chat from anywhere in the world for free.


The mobile virsion of ooVoo is also available to download for free on both Android and apple iOS operating systems. For instance, users can download ooVoo app from Android market and use it to make voice and video calls with other members without using their cellular minutes. It is nice to be able to see who you are talking to, however if the internet connection speed is slow for either one of the callers the video chat become sluggish and less dependable, and that because video transfer over the network requires more bandwidth. As a result of that in order to have a good vedio chat experience using ooVoo, both callers should have 3G minimum speed on their mobile phones.


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