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CoolMojito – CoolPosts is the expansion to the success of a stratup that allows users to collect emails, build a leads funnel and close sales directly from Facebook Newsfeeds and Timeline. Studies show that 95% of activities on Facebook happens in the news feeds. This is where customers are. How do businesses convert these Facebook users to leads and sales? The answer is tools like CoolPosts from With CoolPost, users can easily select a customizeable template, edit it to specify the information they want to capture and post the app to their Business or Personal timeline. The app displays in the News Feeds and is 100% interactive. Anyone can do this with no technical knowledge. The apps allow Facebook users to submit their personal information and upload/submit documents and files.
The auto response system sends the submitted information to users immediately as well as automatically to use the information to build a downloadable leads database. Using coolpost, users can import leads to their CRM or Salesforce application at anytime. Moreover, users can use these apps to capture names, email, phone number, city, country or any other kind of information. You can even allow your fans to upload images, documents, or resumes directly from within their News Feeds – without having to go to a fanpage tab or external website. Everything is done interactively in the News Feeds.

CoolPosts has the potential of changing the way people use Facebook. This startup is trying to pioneer a new level of app and interactivity within Facebook News Feeds. Brands will be able to capture emails and user information, do product launch with app downloads, job recruitment with resume uploads, contests, sweapstakes, and other campaigns directly in the news feeds, which is where 98% of activity happens in Facebook. This eliminates the need for users to go to fanpages or external websites for this level of interactivity.


CoolMojito – CoolPosts
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