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9 Wearable Gadgets With Staying Power

From finding the perfect bedtime story to perfecting your golf-swing, there is nothing these gadgets can’t do.

Wearable tech is nowhere close to replacing our smartphones, but it’s certainly gaining traction among the cool set. The highly disruptive technology comes in all shapes and styles, from a bracelet that tracks your vitals to a watch that looks after your child. Here are nine wearable gadgets that just might change your life.

Pebble is no ordinary wristwatch. It alerts users to calls, voicemail, and texts — and, oh yes, it tells the time. Pebble also doubles as a GPS and tracks stats for outdoor activities such as running and hiking. Pebble was funded through a Kickstarter campaign that raised $10,266,845 in only five weeks, surpassing its goal of $100,000. The Android- and iOS-compatible device could rival the iWatch, which Apple just trademarked. Cost: $150

Out of pocket for a bedtime story? Smart PJ’s free app lets you scan a pair of code-embedded jammies to call up the perfect tale on your smartphone. “We had to create new scanning technology. It’s not just QR codes — we had to create them from scratch,” Juan Murdoch, Smart PJs creator, told ABC News. Right now, they’re only available for kids, but rest assured Murdoch is working on an adult version. Cost: $25

This smart sensor insole helps analyze movements of professional athletes for training or rehabilitation purposes. Produced by Moticon, it comes with an ANT flash drive, PC software, and a protective case. On a larger scale, Adidas has developed miCoach SPEED_CELL that helps track up to 8 hours worth of speed, acceleration, distance, and pacing data. Cost: Available upon request

Another wristwatch device, Filip lets parents call or message their child, while keeping track of their whereabouts. Parents can set “safe zones,” such as their school or a nearby park, while children can ring up their parents on any one of five pre-programmed numbers. Cost: Not available

These temporary tattoos made by Electrozyme measure the presence of lactate in the wearer’s sweat. The measurements are then transmitted wirelessly to track the electrolyte balance and hydration level. Electrozyme isn’t the only group of researchers creating “smart skin.” A team of scientists at the University of Tokyo have made an ultra-thin, flexible electronic circuit that can be worn as a tattoo. Cost: Not available

Jawbone UP helps users track their sleeping habits, movements, and diet. By synching up with a smartphone, UP keeps users constantly updated on their progress while providing insight into their daily routine and behaviors. UP has formidable rivals in Lark and Fitbit’s Flex, but the device is slowly gaining a following. Rumor has it Marissa Mayer gave UP wristbands to more than 11,000 Yahoo! employees. Cost: $129.99

This glove sensor might improve your swing. GolfSense collects data about your game then stores it in the cloud, making it accessible via an Android or iOS device. Cost: $129.99

Designed by Adam Harvey with help from Johanna Bloomfield, Stealth Wear is part of a counter-surveillance fashion line that includes an anti-drone scarf, a hoodie, and burqa. The garments are made from a metallized fabric that prevents thermal imaging. Cost: Not available

No roundup of wearable tech gadgets would be complete without Google Glass. The ultra-hyped gadget lets users record videos, take photos, make phone calls, and search maps. Three VCs have formed an investment fund to finance the development of Google Glass apps. Cost: An early version sold for $1,500.



9 Wearable Gadgets With Staying Power
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