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The Richest Gaming Start-Ups You’ve Never Heard

Sure, you know Candy Crush. But can you name the developer behind it? Probably not. Here are eight worth watching.

Lately it seems like the biggest summer blockbusters aren’t movies but the games on your smartphone. From Dots to LetterPress and DrawSomething to Candy Crush Saga, there is just no escaping their pull. Here are eight developers making a killing at home and abroad, based on revenue estimates from Think Gaming. — Em Maier

Estimated daily revenue from Candy Crush Saga: $632,867 King’s puzzle app has taken the world by storm, becoming the top-rated game in Australia, Germany, Singapore, and Sweden. But that’s just the beginning. Rumor has it King is preparing an IPO in the wake of Candy Crush Saga’s popularity, though the company has yet to publicly comment.

Estimated daily revenue from Clash of Clans: $527,389 The combat strategy game is popular in most countries, especially Russia and Switzlerland. The Finnish developer has over a million daily users and has partnered with GungHo Online for a campaign that aims to take on bigger developers. Supercell is valued at $770 million, according to Business Insider.

Estimated daily revenue from War of Heroes: $421,911 Japanese website provider DeNA teamed up with Marvel Entertainment for the card-based game featuring original art and stories. The games live on DeNA’s Mobage social games platform, home to hits like Blood Brothers and Rage of Bahamut.

Estimated daily revenue from Modern War: $361,789 With over 10 million users, Modern War’s fans could make up a small country. Of course, that’s part of the game’s appeal: players team up for missions in which they compete to take over the world. Japanese developer GREE has produced other combat games such as Knights & Dragons and Crime City and it’s one of Japan’s largest social networking services. Analysts attribute the company’s success to its track record of investing in developers.

Estimated daily revenue from The Simpsons: Tapped Out: $138,281 This city-building game based on the hit series was developed by EA Mobile, the third-largest studio in the world. Its parent company EA is known for bringing the Sims to life.

Estimated daily revenue from Puzzle Dragons (English version): $58,681 GungHo Online Entertainment began with a focus on PCs and consoles, but has expanded into mobile games in recent years. The studio has been cranking out hits ever since, five of which were released over the past year.

Estimated daily revenue from Puzzle Dragons (English version): $41,173 Serbia’s Nordeus is one of Europe’s fastest growing developers. Its main game, Top Eleven, is a football simulation with over 11 million monthly users. Nordeus, which has branches in Belgrade and San Francisco, recently expanded to Dublin.

Estimated daily revenue from Kakao: $26,960 The mobile board game for Kakao is a lot like Monopoly. The gaming platform’s users number 30 million, with many coming from the messaging network Kakao Talk. When the platform launched last July, it only had 10 games from seven developers. Today there are close to 200 products from 99 designers.



The Richest Gaming Start-Ups You’ve Never Heard
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