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Wait, They’re Making That Much a Day?

The newest mobile game craze? Candy Crush Saga. Here’s how Candy Crush, and it’s developer King, stack up against competitors and predecessors.

Every year there’s the new game: BubbleSpinner, Words with Friends, Robot Unicorn. Each rises and fall, accepting the fate of gaming impermanence.

Except Candy Crush Saga.

King, the developer of Candy Crush, has seemingly surpassed other gaming monarchs, and even other tech companies with proven mass appeal. We take a look at AppData’s Facebook analytics to see how King (and Candy Crush) stack up.

Monthly active users

Candy Crush: 45, 453, 630

FarmVille 2: 31, 598, 202

Spotify: 27, 649, 679

Pinterest: 22, 873, 569

User base

King: 150, 201, 156

Zynga: 147, 279, 657

Microsoft: 72, 242, 150

To put this in perspective, Zynga and King each have more users than the entire population of Russia, which clocks in at 143,400,000. An individual game may be cheap, but if the equivalent of an entire country (and not a small one) is playing it, the revenues add up.

Facebook Likes

Candy Crush Saga: 35, 403, 802

FarmVille 2: 8, 813, 901

Spotify: 3, 729, 496

Pinterest: 2, 730, 533

Daily (yes, daily!) Revenue (according to ThinkGaming)

Candy Crush Saga: $632,867

Clash of Clans: $527,389

Hay Day: $474, 650

MARVEL War of Heroes: $421, 911

It remains to be seen if King will have a long lifespan or if it’s just an extremely lucrative short-term fad. Already, King is preparing for an IPO.



Wait, They’re Making That Much a Day?
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