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Remote Work Collaboration Startup Sqwiggle Closes On $1.1M In AngelList’s First Syndicate Round

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Working from the couch in sweatpants is awesome (in fact, I’m doing it right now), but there are certainly benefits to working with other people in the flesh. For example, if you can see that your coworker is at her desk, you don’t have to preface a quick question with, “You there?” Little things like that can really make all the difference when it comes to collaborating naturally and getting good work done.

Sqwiggle, a startup that makes a web application that aims to close that communication gap between remote workers, has just closed on $1.1 million in a brand new seed funding round. We’ve written about the San Francisco-based Sqwiggle before, but in light of the new million dollar boost I thought it was a good idea to bring a couple of the company’s co-founders into the studio to see the app in person. Check that out in the video embedded above.

The funding round is also notable because Sqwiggle is the first startup to utilize the new AngelList Syndicates feature, which lets angel investors syndicate deals with each other. In all, about 30 percent of the $1.1 million round was raised through an AngelList Syndicate. This is a brand new feature that is still finding its place, but it has the potential to be very disruptive for both startups and investors. We talked about what the process was like for Sqwiggle in the video above as well.

It’s great to see Sqwiggle get funding to help take its growth to the next level, as its a thoughtfully built product with founders who are clearly quite passionate and knowledgeable about the problem they’re looking to solve. Sqwiggle itself was built while the founding team was working remotely, so dog fooding was a way of life as the product was coming together.

It will be exciting to see how Sqwiggle progresses in the months ahead — and what other projects are able to get off the ground thanks to the exciting new funding tools that are available to ambitious developers.


Remote Work Collaboration Startup Sqwiggle Closes On $1.1M In AngelList’s First Syndicate Round
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