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White House Launches Health Care ‘Web Wizard’

In response to concerned small business owners, the White House created a website to answer Affordable Care Act questions.

Got a question about Affordable Care Act? Now there’s a government website dedicated to answering the questions of business owners.

Officially launched on Thursday as part of BusinessUSA, a little-known platform that provides businesses with easy access to government services, the new site helps owners understand what they need to know about new insurance options and other ACA changes.

“The goal with the tool is to put the information–if there is unique information to your state, your location, let’s put it right there at your fingertips along with the other information that may be more applicable across the board,” a senior White House official told CNN.

In order to obtain the correct information, business owners can select their state, the size of their company–whether they’re self-employed, fewer than 25 full-time employees (FTE), up to 50 FTE, 50 or more FTE–and whether they currently offer insurance. The results generated by the wizard provide employers with information ranging from the definition of Health Insurance Marketplace to a timeline of implementation for key ACA features. The site also explains how certain penalties are calculated.

The White House hopes this newest effort will help clear up some of the misconceptions about the ACA and how it will affect small businesses. Currently, most small business owners report concerns over health care reform and expect that it will make their health care coverage more expensive.

“We hear from business owners all the time that they just want to know what the facts are because they’re going to sit down and make their own decision based on what makes them most competitive,” the White House official told CNN.

The Obama administration will continue to update the health care wizard as more information becomes available and plans to include interactive features, including cost calculators.



White House Launches Health Care ‘Web Wizard’
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