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5ideas.in – Fueling India’s Startup Ecosystem

5ideas.in is a stratup based in India and it’s aim is to provide support for tech startups in India. Most startups in early stages need many forms of support beside funding to be able to to succeed. For any one starting a new company any type of support is welcome, help can be of any sort such as advice on how to handle pressure, how to manage day to day business transactions, and how to manage employees . 5ideas.in partnered with some startups and provided capital of over $ 500k. It also brought in experienced professionals to act as mentors to help new businesses manage and expand growth.

India has established itself as a great technology startup hub since the turn of the century. In India there are huge numbers of skilled work force who possess many skills in programming and technology. The majority of those skilled engineers turn to be successful entrepreneurs outside of India especially in the U.S. There are many successful U.S based startups that co-founded by individuals from Indian descent. A great example is the co-founder of Sun Microsystems. Vinod Khosla who was born in India and finished his graduate education in the U.S. Sun Microsystems was later acquired by Oracle and co-founder Vinod Khosla wealth is estimated to be over $1.6 billion. (Vinod Khosla Co-founder of Sun Micosystems. Source: Web 2.0 Conference)


5ideas.in – Fueling India’s Startup Ecosystem
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