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Fly Or Die: The UpDesk UpWrite

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The human body wasn’t meant to sit. Chairs are an invention of our own laziness.

That said, UpDesk is here to swoop in and give you a nice, comfortable desk to both sit and stand at without a whole lot of extra effort on your part. The UpWrite is quite similar to UpDesk’s Standing Desk, which has an electronic lifting system and three preset heights, ranging from 25 inches to 50 inches.

However, the UpWrite also comes with a nice white surface, which just so happens to play nice with dry erase markers. Artists, obsessive planners and list lovers should get a kick out of this thing.

But what do John and I think?

John has previous experience with UpDesk, and believes that this is possibly the smoothest running and best looking model yet. Still, he’s not convinced that the dry erase surface is quite necessary.

I have to side with him, knowing in my heart of hearts that my drawings would soon end up on my forearms and shirt sleeves.

The UpWrite costs $1,149, plus $129 shipping within the U.S., but it’s simple to assemble and get cracking. It’s a high price to pay, but it should pay off in the long run. Using a standing desk has made me feel generally more energized throughout the day, and if possible, my posture might even be improving.

It’s a long-term investment, and that’s why we both give the UpDesk UpWrite a fly.


Fly Or Die: The UpDesk UpWrite
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