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Samsung SmartWatch – A new Play field or Unsold Idea

Samsung finally announced it’s anticipated new device the Samsung Smartwatch today in Berlin Germany. We all know that Samsung has been working on the smartwatch for over a year to expand the play field with Apple. Apple on the other hand have new devices coming in September 10th during Apple’s annual conference where Apple announce it’s new products. Apple has been working on the smartwatch also for sometime. Will apple introduce the iWatch in September 10th? Apple hinted that it will introduce new iPhone and a smaller and cheaper iPhone.

Samsung smartwatch will be shipped to consumers on September 25th. Will a smart watch be the new hot thing in technology where other companies introduce similar versions of the smart watch?
Consumer taste will be the judge to answer that question but there are few points to mention about the smartwatch with such a small screen. It will all depends what kind of functions the smartwatch will have to convince consumer to slash $299 to buy it. Samsung said that it’s watch will work as a supplement it it’s galaxy note III.


Samsung SmartWatch – A new Play field or Unsold Idea
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