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5 Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence

A hard look at your emotional skills and weaknesses is the first step to improving EQ, which is highly correlated with business success.

Just how important is high emotional intelligence to business success? When L’Oreal started hiring sales people based on emotional competency, the high EQ reps outsold the traditionally chosen ones by over $90,000. Another company found emotionally skilled sales sold $54,000 more each. If you’re more convinced by research, study after study after study has linked EQ and career success.

Which is all fine and good, but these findings are only useful to you personally if it’s possible for you actually improve your EQ.

Thankfully, it appears that it is. “Whereas IQ is very hard to change, EQ can increase with deliberate practice and training,” Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, a professor of Business Psychology at University College London explained earlier this year on the HBR Blogs. “The most important aspect of effective EQ-coaching is giving people accurate feedback. Most of us are generally unaware of how others see us,” he added.

Which means the EQ is important and it can be changed, but only if you’re not clueless about your baseline — you need to exactly how well developed your emotional skills are, and what areas are most in need of improvement. The Huffington Post can help with a recent post offering an in-depth run down of 14 signs you have high EQ. These include:

You’re curious about people you don’t know. Do you love meeting new people, and naturally tend to ask lots of questions after you’ve been introduced to someone? If so, you have a certain degree of empathy, one of the main components of emotional intelligence.

You know your strengths and weaknesses. A big part of having self-awareness is being honest with yourself about who you are — knowing where you excel, and where you struggle, and accepting these things about yourself. An emotionally intelligent person learns to identify their areas of strength and weakness, and analyze how to work most effectively within this framework.

You know how to pay attention. Do you get distracted by every tweet, text and passing thought? If so, it could be keeping you from functioning on your most emotionally intelligent level.

When you’re upset, you know exactly why. We all experience a number of emotional fluctuations throughout the day, and often we don’t even understand what’s causing a wave of anger or sadness. But an important aspect of self-awareness is the ability to recognize where your emotions are coming from and to know why you feel upset.

You’ve always been self-motivated. Were you always ambitious and hard-working as a kid, even when you weren’t rewarded for it? If you’re a motivated self-starter — and you can focus your attention and energy towards the pursuit of your goals — you likely have a high EQ.

Intrigued? Check out the complete post for more details on these five signs, as well as the remaining nine indicators of high EQ.

And what if you’ve taken a hard look at the complete list and have to admit to yourself you have some areas of weakness? Chamorro-Premuzic’s post also offers tips on what sort of coaching generally works best to improve EQ.

Have you found EQ to be a good predictor of success in your business?



5 Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence
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