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Fly Or Die: The Ostrich Pillow

With travel ramping up over the holiday season, we thought it wise to bring you a taste of Ostrich.

The Ostrich pillow, to be exact.

It’s a clever little pillow that slips over your head and covers everything but your nose and mouth. Though it doesn’t offer much by way of neck support, you can lay your head down and slip your hands in the holes on the top for a nice desk-style nap.

The one major caveat: it’s $75. For a pillow. For a frame of reference, I bought the best possible neck pillow I could find before flying to Germany last year and it was $50.

Still, the Ostrich Pillow could come in handy for someone who travels constantly or happens to be allowed to take naps at work. Of course, most work buildings in which naps are allowed come with facilities to do so, but the Ostrich pillow is a nice way to keep out light and have a nice nap, even when sitting up.

John, not surprisingly, is unimpressed. He thinks the impaired vision and lack of neck support make the Ostrich pillow uncomfortable. He may be right, but he’s also not using the pillow correctly, either.

I, on the other hand, give this baby a fly if used in the right circumstances. If you’re addicted to napping and have $75 to burn, go for it. Otherwise, you probably don’t need this.


Fly Or Die: The Ostrich Pillow
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