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Here Are The 38 Startups Pitching At TechCrunch Moscow Today

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TechCrunch Moscow today features a whole 38 startups pitching to enter the final on Day Two, which features the main conference. You can catch the pitches live today on the live video stream but here’s a run-down of al the companies, as they describe themselves.

The Startup Alley features over 70 startups that met the requirements of an exhibition participant, being less than 3 years old, and having raised no more than $3M investment. Evan Nisselson (LDV Capital) is MCing the Startup Pitches.

The TechCrunch Moscow event partners are Digital October and Kite Ventures. Follow TC Moscow on Twitter and Facebook. You can also follow the hashtag on Twitter.

A cloud music storage and streaming service targeting owners of large music collections to enjoy their music over Android, iOS, WP8 devices. Our storage system helps to upload music to the cloud 30 times faster, save space and lower costs. Songs can be uploaded to the cloud from iTunes, Winamp and different devices. Folders and subfolders structure are preserved. Music can be listened even without internet access. We offer 3 Gb for free and $25/year unlimited. Sign up right now!

Special application that includes unique computer vision algorithms. It utilizes a video sensor to scan the space in front of a digital display or a showcase, detects human faces and tracks their position. At any given time 27 faces detects from all potential viewers only those who were looking directly on the screen, recognizes their gender and age group. Collected data is anonymously transmitted in encrypted form to a central server for storage and analysis.

Music tech company, providing digital publishing solution and platform for music and visual artists to jointly publish, share and monetize their music and art on mobile and connected devices. We turn music, images, text and metadata into a beautiful application called 3plet. 3Plet is a mobile music album and artist-centric sales and communication channel, new industrial standard for music album releases.

A platform that integrates all available Advertising Networks (AN) by means of parsing and API methods. Our aim is to provide a system that facilitates the maximization of revenue of publishers. It allows controlling, customizing and making A/B testing any AN from a single interface. It relieves from most of the routine work and the necessity to change promotional codes on a site while changing an ANs.

Platform for e-commerce in B2B segment. It enables e-commerce, procurement of products and electronic document flow between suppliers of products, online shops and offline retailers. Agora accommodates more than 2000 companies from different industries. Geography includes all regions of Russia and CIS. Our solutions simplify the time-consuming processes and minimize costs. Agora is an electronic instrument for procurement and marketing needs.

Cutting-edge mobile application that makes transferring content from your phone easy and fast, almost like sharing air. You can conveniently send and receive contacts, photos, or videos to and from your friends with a simple point-and-shoot of your smartphones. The Airlike app also creates a personalized account for each of its users, allowing you to carefully choose what you would like to share. Sharing content is almost effortless with Airlike.

A set of tools for recruiters: browser plugin + search engine, allowing any company to quickly find IT-specialists which are the “best fit” for the company. It allows searching through multiple Internet-sources and unites profiles of a candidate into a “consolidated profile”. AmazingHiring gives an ability to “score” a candidate before interview – based on both: qualifications and “culture fit” for a particular company; ranking search results appropriately.

Framework for mobile applications development with 100% of common codebase between iOS, Android, Windows. Unlike HTML5-solutions, Appercode provides native interfaces, comparable with the development for each platform individually, but 3 times faster. From May to December 2013 Appercode earned $50k in test sales, won a $60k grant from Microsoft, won the largest Russian tech startups contest Generation S ($80K), and released the product in 10 countries.

Platform that allows to crowdfund mobile apps/games launch marketing. Applicatix is a way to publish a finished app/game. It combines advantages of self-publishing and working with traditional publishers. The platform gathers money from crowd investors, giving them a share of future app/game profit in return and then uses that money to market this application. Traditional marketing used at pre-launch and unique marketing quests are added after the application launch.

We automatically convert Facebook and VK communities into iOS and Android apps, resulting in new pages, m-shops, magazines, company pages and intranet-apps. Features: instant App Store and Google Play publishing; free converting to the mobile audience; automatic content generating, YouTube channels, Instagram feed. New features for communities: retention, monetization, m-commerce.

How to get to the airport? Where to find the check-in? Where to go while waiting for a flight? These are just a few of the problems happening at your stay at the airport, especially if you’re there for the first time. AviaShopper-the first mobile Guide for airports around the world! Due to special technology supporting the information up–to-date, AviaShopper makes it easy to navigate and to spend time with pleasure in every airport, as well as to solve a lot of tasks for the traveler: buy tickets, booking hotels or taxi.

Relationships are deeds. You do good deeds every day, even though you don’t notice that sometimes. You surprise your friends, inspire your colleagues or just help someone. Those who have been touched by that may mark your deeds in Beens. Your deeds build your Beens Index. Beendex shows how good you are in a single number. Something that sets you apart. Get surprises, emotional benefits and a better job. Become better and get more.

First mobile financial applications Store, compatible with EasyFinance Platform API. Apps are created by independent developers, checked and certificaticated by EasyFinance and its partners, that guarantees user’s financial data security and safety. Apps deployment in BestFinApps enables developers to access to 150 000 auditory, use ready cloud technologies of EasyFinance Platform and to profit from users as well as from corporate clients.

Innovative solution for Boards, Committees and other governing bodies, which facilitates planning and conducting onsite, provides history and access to related issues, tracks why certain decisions were taken and how they have been implemented, generates meeting minutes. BoardMaps improves corporate governance, involves users in the meeting preparation stage, shows required actions with intuitive interface, allows remote and absentee voting, available in local or cloud hosting.

A secure, simple and convenient tool for making instant payments and micropayments directly from any bank account without the need for Visa/MasterCard (or other such plastic!). Payments are made using mobile phone of any generation and/or NFC sticker.

How much does the Product or Service really cost? Connect2me claims that it costs exactly the sum that other users are ready to pay for it right now. Accumulating the user`s money rates for particular products or goods, Connect2me offers the Sellers to agree with the offered average price. If one does not agree with it, there definitely comes another one whom it suits perfectly well. Lowering the margin vs sales turnover growth. What will the members of the market choose?

We eliminate workplace time waste. You are the boss and you don’t want employees shopping online or browsing facebook for your bill. We can help you to stop it. Our software tracks usage time of unproductive sites and programs. We provide you with an exact number of wasted hours for departments and individuals. Our software is specially designed for medium businesses and enterprises.

We turn data into competitive advantage by means of state-of-the-art Data Mining. Enterprises discover new opportunities for accurate trend prediction, uncover valuable customer information and reduce their risks. We will make your business smarter!

Online service that allows landlords to find the ideal tenants. To rent out your apartment, register on the website, upload the photos of your apartment and invite tenants to whom you would like to rent. When a tenant agrees, you will see each others contact and from there on come to an arrangement. Realtor free. Therefore, with the help of Dream- roomer you can find tenants that will perfectly suit you and you them. Find the tenant of your dreams!

Protect your city from evil Shadows! Dusk Rift is urban fantasy online game where powerful vampires, lycans and shadow hunters unite to protect shops, restaurants, schools and universities in Moscow, New York, Tokyo and other cities across the world. Gameplay is a blend between ultra popular Candy Crush Saga, innovative Ingress and modern MMORPGs with multiplayer battles. Monetization is free2play: premium account, powerful combat boosts and fashion items. Soon on iOS/Android/WP and web.

Customer-facing SaaS platform for the restaurant industry. Restaurants directly connect with customers using a network of real-time, integrated services. Restaurants can manage their business more effectively and make more profit. For users, FoodRock is an E2E (end-to-end) mobile app which makes every dining experience more convenient and more personal.

Unique synergy of extensive database, marketplace and media channel integrated into one of the best specialized social networks. Not only video games fans can develop their community of friends, but also online stores, vendors and media have the option start their accounts in order to get in touch with potential customers. Our strategy is to provide the end user with definite service. You are GameWelcome!

GBooking is like Amazon for the services market: it allows consumers to search, compare and book services on the web, like car, medical and beauty care. Our algorithms calculate discounts during weak business hours and publish them on partner sites, thus increasing the customer reach and converting tens of thousands of leads into real customers. We integrate with search engines, online catalogs, coupon sites, CRM and CMS systems, empowering them with our optimization and booking widget.

The GSA mCommerce SaaS/ecosystem helps eCommerce become mCommerce. For the large percentage of non used mTraffic it provides automatic generated native android, iOS, html5, and tablet APPs, 2.5% peer2peer payments and a loyalty system as well as mMarketing to iShops. GSA monetizes with ads, subscriptions, acquiring, and affiliate marketing. Revenue sharing reduces marketing cost. Cooperations with CMS generate thousands of Apps. Plans for the near future: pushes, SmartTVApps, and augmented reality.

Digital loyalty program. In each store we set up Getsy iPad, customers download the Getsy App or get the physical Getsy card, checkin his QR code through the in-store iPad each time they buy something, earns points and get special rewards.

We came up with how it is possible to give gifts in a new way: easy, fast and cool. Giftboard is a mobile app that allows you to give a real gift in less than a minute knowing only the phone number or gift id of the recipient. You can give your friend a cup of coffee with the best wishes of a good day or congratulate a colleague on his birthday being on a business trip in another city. Giftboard make it possible to give presents every day not only on holidays.

An outlet and a consignment store of new and pre-owned luxury clothing, shoes and accessories at affordable prices. provides a simple and safe online service which redefines the format of consignment retail for both buyers and sellers.

SAAS solution for online recruiting, which solves the problem of low efficiency of mass internet recruitment. HRMarker automates the process of screening resumes, reducing the original set of candidates. Service is self-learning system that learns by analyzing of HR specialist process action. In this way, a knowledge base is formed, that allows to recommend the required information to the next user without using search engine, but through the base of recommendations.

Device that connects your apartment’s intercom with your smartphone. Guests that dial the intercom can be viewed on your smartphone or tablet and you can chat with them. iKtotam records your visitors and saves video and audio data to cloud storage. As well Connector lets you open the entrance door to your guests with a single tap on your smartphone. Instantly respond to visitors or ignore them. Connector helps you keep your home and the ones you love safe.

We help parents choose reliable, educational applications for children, and provide them convenient reports on progress and achievements. Applications for Kid Erudite undergo a rigorous selection process by teachers and child psychologists. We select the best applications and build a coherent and comprehensive educational system. We will develop applications to cover any gaps in the curriculum with our developers team for platforms iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, and Windows 8.

LifePay provides admission of the credit card payments on smartphones with full guarantee transaction security anywhere you have the Internet access. All you need is cardreader, connected by audiojack to a smartphone (based on iOS,Android or WinPhone) and preinstalled LifePay app. Cardreader is free – we subtracted only a 2,7% percentage of each transaction. Operation’s safety meets the requirements of PCI DSS. All of the statistics are accounted in the personal office.

Open-source device, which lightens your computer or TV screen to strengthen the presence effect. The device needs to be mounted on your TV or computer screen and to be connected to your PC, Mac or HTPC via USB. The software analyses what you currently have on the screen and sends this information to the Lightpack device which in turn lightens the surface behind the screen with matching colors using the RGB-LEDs available within the Lightpack device.

A service that helps people organize their health. Now the user can already find a doctor or clinic, to register in online reception, to receive information on diseases and recommendations on who specializes in them, and much more. Website and application available.

TV guide for you and your friends. Information for over 200 channels in 100 different regions. See what’s showing on TV- a brief description, list of actors and the information about them, related tweets, schedule of the following episodes, and much more! Set reminders so that you won’t miss your favorite showб share shows with your friends and discuss them in the chatrooms.

Cloud healthcare platform that captures and securely stores patient medical data from any source or provider allowing integrated healthcare delivery. It is a fully featured ecosystem for the private healthcare market that facilitates the collaboration of all the major players – clinics, patients, CROs, employers, insurance companies, and medical device vendors. Today, the platform serves more than 100,000 patients across Russia.

Textile treatment liquid. It is a simple and inexpensive way to make your favorite gloves compatible with touchscreens. We have invented it for all touchscreen device users. So there is no need to take off your gloves answering a call or a text message anymore. MediaGloves is a transparent liquid, unnoticeable when dry, safe for both glove and skin. Inventing mediagloves is our way to create something new something different, make our world a better place.

Multifunctional SaaS service for automation of business activities of microfinance institutions (MFIs). Allows managing the full cycle of microloans from application for a loan to collecting overdue arrears. Service built on Windows Azure cloud infrastructure and requires no additional software or hardware costs, provides an intuitive user-friendly interface and allows MFIs to start work with minimal financial and time costs.

Telecom & IT service based on a wristband for on-line health control. It automatically monitors heart rate, falls and skin temperature. If your relative feels bad you will be alerted by an SMS or call; it works as a mobile phone. User health statistics are available in an on-line account. Research proved our service fits the existing need of millions of people in Russia and other countries. We hope that TechCrunch will help us find the right partners to expand our outreach and serve more people.

Universal and convenient service for swapping and trading used games and accessories for consoles. How the project operates is simple: gamers create a virtual shelf with the games they are offering and they may ask each other for specific games to trade. As the project has a geolocation feature, all gamers see games that are available in their neighborhood. Then the only thing they have to do is to set up a meeting. This service is already accessible in all CIS countries.

Service for tracking parcels. It tracks sites of postal and courier services and shows information for all of user’s parcels. OhMyDelivery also allows online stores to integrate tracking of order status directly in user’s account. In addition to this, service will allow to collect feedback about the quality of goods and delivery from users. The application is available in the AppStore.

Frequently, you are waiting before you’ll be served in most of mid-range restaurants. Average waiting time in Russian restaurants is 20 minutes. You can miss your plane or meeting and you don’t control this time. Using Order King you can place orders directly from your smartphone or tablet. And it will be served directly to your table. Also you can pay for your meal and give tips with your smartphone.

Playzum’s mission is to provide a platform that gives gamers the ability to socially interact with other users and friends on gaming achievements, game recommendations. Cool Features: Easy access from any device, Game-based check-in, Social game guide with recommendations and reviews, Game friend finder.

Collective buying platform of the furniture, building materials, tools and sanitary ware. Allows the retail buyers get the wholesale price. This is possible through buying directly from the manufacturer without extra charges of distributors and stores. When buying directly from the manufacturer the Collective buying participant saves up to 40% in construction and 70% in repairs. We use original strategy for group buying China’s model – self-organized and execute. Warehouse clubs function.

Billing and management platform for cloud services (SaaS, IaaS). Service providers (xSP) use RentSoft to reduce costs and increase cloud services sales. RentSoft provides such features as recurring and metered billing, cloud service marketplace, client area, services automation, invoicing and payment processing, event notifications, promotions and bundles, statistics, ERP integration, affiliate program.

Cloud service that keeps online threats at bay. We will ensure your internet surfing is safe and comfortable, with annoying ads, porn, dangerous websites and other sources of trouble securely blocked. At home or on the corporate network, on computers or mobile devices – anytime, anywhere you are guaranteed the best experience and protection from cybercrime.

Bonus loyalty program for small and medium enterprises (SaaS). The program is installed in the venue and works on an iPad. Each venue that uses SkyPort has its own bonus program (similar to frequent flyer’s program) tied to the industry specifics of the venue. Gamified process of bonus accumulation enables venues to promote certain services, increase average spending and reward their best customers with extra bonuses. Already works in beauty salons, medical centers, fitness-centers and shops.

Turns any smartphone or tablet into a professional RFID scanner. Its main use is to find assets, or sound an alert if they are out of range. Replacing the back-cover of your smartphone, it works with RFID stickers and a mobile application. Our lightweight stickers can attach to any object, and need no battery. We offer businesses a professional cloud-based ERP platform, fully integrated with RFID scanning, for hands-free inventory management, effective items location and loss prevention.

If you’re young and ambitious in Russia, you need to interact with people and ideas elsewhere. Right now, that’s tough. Talkster will change this. We set up conversations between bright, curious people. They’re in English, over Skype, last 45 minutes and cost Russians $15. On the other end are British students. For them, Talkster represents a challenge: can you strike up a conversation with a stranger? Russians pick the conversation topic beforehand and rate their chat straight afterwards.

A mobile blogging platform that will turn the way how people blog upside down. Today, blogging is hard, time consuming and desktop based. We are making the whole process easy & mobile, and what’s important more beautiful without any extra skills required. With Telller everyone can really start blogging or improve their current blog. Telller will be launched as an iPhone app with a content mirror website later in 2013.

Mobile social network for event visitors and organizers. Services for event attendees: Finding an event, Finding travel- & roommates, Finding new friends, Making appointments. The event app features agenda, address, twitterwall, geolocation services. Event organizers get: Finding or creating events, Customized app, Scheduling appointments. Free on Android and iOS.

This cartoon messenger is a cross platform messaging service with a twist. It turns your text messages into funny animations. For example, you can choose your character and make it throw a cake at those of your friends. After you have exchanged several messages you can watch the whole dialog as a cartoon.

A unique and ready-to-use credit facility even now engaged in partner sales all over Russia. This is a tool for work with b2b customers interlinking business and banks. Such service has been developed for professional market – real estate agencies, realtors, travel agents, insurance agents, car dealers, and tenant builders. Unicom24 is a fully free service, online access to 30 banks, uniform customer profile, assured feedback, and chance to make money out of every credit provided.

A solution that allows users to receive loans right at home. The development of our unique software allows integration with any online store, providing reliable technical platform. The project received more than 70M RUR of investment, which allowed us to create a high-tech service, to attract major partners and to become one of the leaders in online lending market. Currently the service has more than 100 partners.

Multifunctional navigation system projecting augmented reality content right in front of the driver. Thanks to cutting edge technology it expands the boundaries of conventional driving making it safer, more efficient and enjoyable. The route is graphically represented as an AR line repeating the motion path. It lets you track information simultaneously while driving, without eye movement and refocusing. Interacting with urban infrastructure the system enlarges it with digital content.
Unique educational project providing an opportunity to get online counseling on all your admission questions with our experts – students and graduates of foreign universities from top-300 universities worldwide. It also provides an extensive database of 3000+ educational programs all over the world, internships and volunteer programs.

A platform for collaboration and knowledge management helping small and medium sized teams to achieve their goals with 50% more productivity. User experiences based on neuroscience and gamification underpin a supportive communication and collaboration environment. It invites to celebrate daily achievements invested into teams’ goals and to praise heroes. This personnel engagement tool helps to analyze who contributed most to which goals, what was discussed, and what appealed to the team.


Here Are The 38 Startups Pitching At TechCrunch Moscow Today
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